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Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Raise your status to that of a Cloud Expert through the appropriate certification. GCP Associate Cloud Engineer is one of the latest GC certifications essential for this.







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Raise your status to that of a Cloud Expert through the appropriate certification. GCP Associate Cloud Engineer is one of the latest GC certifications essential for this.

Course Information

About this course:

Undertaking this course will allow you revisit the core concepts studied in the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam.

This course will thoroughly prepare GCP engineers who intend to take this exam by making them understand the core objectives of this exam once again.

For those who require additional assistance in taking this exam, enrolling in this course will set the ball rolling in the right direction.

I will ensure that at the end of this course, you have developed a powerful knowledge bank on the GCP Cloud Engineer exam by making you learn the fundamentals of managing a GCP cloud through appropriate exercises.

This course will include help materials that could prove crucial to your success in the exam ranging from demos to content reviews. Along with this, we will also provide you with 10 tips to keep in mind when enrolling in the exam.

Lets get you certified on GCP.  

The core tasks of an Associate Cloud Engineer include app deployment, operations management and observation and enterprise solution handling and management.

The basic understanding of Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface should be there in this individual. That’s because, these skills are critical towards undertaking common platform-based tasks. These tasks ensure that the Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud are utilized effectively by the deployed solutions.

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam is meant to assess your capabilities in the following areas:

  • Can you do a complete setup of a cloud solution environment?
  • Can you do undertaking the planning and configuration components of a cloud solution?
  • Can you undertake the task of cloud solution execution and deployment?
  • Can you ensure that your cloud solution operations runs in an optimal manner?
  • Can you handle the access and security components of a cloud solution you implemented?

Course Objective:

  • Increase your knowledge about the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam and improve your preparation for appearing in it
  • Understand how to conduct better management of GCP Cloud environment
  • Build understanding of the GCP gcloud commands which are crucial to the exam
  • Understand the ways through you can run sizing on App Engine and Bigquery
  • Learn how to enhance the security aspects of the Compute Engine
  • Build an understanding of important kubenetes commands.
  • Learn how GCP based billing works
  • Learn how to use IAM and Cloud Identity to improve GCP’s cloud’s security
  • Increase your chances of passing the exam by getting a well-rounded preparation for it.


  • Candidates who want to improve their understanding of the Google Cloud Platform
  • Candidates that require a refresher on the Google Cloud Platform Associate Engineer Exam’s core objectives
  • Candidates who want to increase their chances of success when appearing for the Google Cloud Platform Associate Engineer Exam


Candidates should at least have a Google Cloud Platform account such as a free tier

  • Practical experience of at least six months on the Google Cloud Platform

Ability to understand how you can undertake service allocation on GCP on VMS, Networks, VPCs, storage and data services.


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More Information
Manufacturer Google
Subjects Cloud Computing
Lab Access No
Technology Google
Modality Self-Paced Learning
Learning Type Course
Difficulty Intermediate
Duration 11 Hours
Language English


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Course Expert:


Paul Jackson


Paul has over 2 decades of of technical experience as a senior engineer, operations manager & project lead.
He has had hands-on impact within internal IT infrastructure, as well as in hundreds of unique customer environments that resulted in an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of security, identity, cloud, and infrastructure products & features; and a breadth of knowledge in associated network devices and applications.

His specialties include:

Identity, AD, Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, Azure MFA, ADFS, WAP, e-Gap, IAG, UAG, Firewalls, DirectAccess, Load balancers, PKI, Troubleshooting application and network issues, quickly learning new applications/technologies, building and leading tech teams, project management, creating scalable processes.

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