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Whether you need to hire, train, and deploy to build a work-ready talent pipeline, reskill and redeploy your workforce for hard-to-fill roles, continuously upskill your existing staff in cloud technologies, or immersive high-impact certification training specifically for your project and project success, we can help.

-Michael Banta
VP of Product, Cloud Institute

Team Coaching

How we help IT Teams

Empower teams with the cloud skills and knowledge needed to get the job done.

  • Provide just-in-time training on live projects

  • Quickly onboard new team members

  • Build relevant technical skills and competencies

  • Personalize employee learning and certification paths

  • Motivate IT teams and support a learning culture

Individualized Coaching

How we help IT pros

Build career momentum and earn promotions with personalized coaching and hands-on training.

  • Learn new cloud technology skills faster

  • Prepare to pass rigorous certification exams

  • Get live, on-the-job training when you need it

  • Build a custom learning path aligned to career goals

IT Skills Validation

How we help IT recruiters

Avoid losing time and money hiring candidates who don’t have the right IT skills.

  • Increase your “quality hire” rate

  • Reduce employee churn and improve retention

  • Qualify candidates more accurately and affordably

When Results Matter, Get Cloud Coaching

Why choose coaching over traditional IT training?

Self-paced online training


Coach-led training

One size fits all

You get the same content as everyone—and much of it is unnecessary and outdated.

Personalized training plan

Coaches are practicing experts and will create a learning path tailored to your needs.

20% retention of new skills

Most skills are forgotten when text and videos are the primary source of education.

70% retention of new skills

Hands-on learning through live projects with a coach offers a high retention rate.

Rely on self-motivation

It can be hard to keep yourself energised when learning something new on your own.

Stay energized

A coach provides validation and feedback to keep you interested and moving forward.

You pay for content

A subscription gets you access to a library—what you do and the results you get are 100% up to you.

You pay for results

A subscription gets you access to SMEs who prescribe training you need and keep you accountable to your goals.

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Tap Into the Expertise of Highly-Skilled Cloud Coaches

Engage coaches who are experienced subject matter experts across a range of cloud technologies and platforms.


Zaki Medina

CTO in Healthcare

Zaki is a co-founder at a digital self-care wellness platform encompassing a disruptive multi-sided marketplace operating at the intersection of General Health, Nutrition, Mental, Intimate Health & Sexual Wellness.

William A. Clark

Cybersecurity Coach

William Clark is the founder and CEO of Clark Technology Group, Inc. For the past 30 years he has been working with networking and cybersecurity in the retail, health care, government, military and manufacturing sectors.

William A. Clark
Aman Ullah

Aman Ullah

Machine Learning Engineer

Aman is an expert software developer with extensive experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning software applications. He has earned four Microsoft Azure certifications and a Google Cloud certification.

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