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  1. Role of cloud computing in Intelligence

    Role of Cloud Computing in Intelligence

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    AI and cloud computing has merged to improve the life of the millions not only businesses but the end-users are equally affected by this merger, access to information has become more direct and consistent than ever. There are various direct applications of cloud computing with AI such as Google's assistant, Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri are some of the staggering examples of such union. Users are now able to have a direct approach to these cloud intensive resources and assistants aided by AI, people are making purchases using their voice command, asking the AI to switch songs, design their calendar, and book events for them, this is how technology has improved over the years.
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  2. Role of cloud computing in healthcare

    Role of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    When it comes to the inclination of cybersecurity and the use of the latest technology for storage, processing as well as customization of the data. Many industries such as healthcare, automotive as well as business industries have been using cybersecurity and cloud computing techniques for far too long now. The Healthcare industry has come a long way in the optimization of its data and enhancing their overall management practices. The Healthcare industry is leading on with the segmentation and implementation of the cloud computing techniques for better processing of the patient’s data and rolling out timely updates to the patients about their appointments.
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  3. Now Available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace Now Available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

    Categories: Cloud Computing , AWS
    We joined the AWS Marketplace so customers can easily purchase and access the platform and get trained with a variety of cloud computing courses and certification courses. As it is believed time is of the essence, and those who know how to spend their time well have far greater chances to succeed, purchasing through AWS Marketplace saves you trouble and time because it is automatically added to your AWS delivering world-class cloud computing training fast.
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  4. Top 5 Highest Paying DevOps Jobs in India

    Top 5 Highest Paying DevOps Jobs in India

    Categories: DevOps , Career Driven
    In the couple of years, DevOps is growing as buzzword towards the core practice in the whole world of Information Technology. As reported by the survey, numerous companies are adopting DevOps, so in that case, there is a rise of seventeen percent in the year 2020. Therefore, if a person owns some crucial set of info and gets prepared to keep them upgraded - then there are more chances of growth in your career prospect being a DevOps expert. This statement comes accurate mainly while we make a consideration that the earnings of a DevOps expert in the state of India is straightly or incidentally relying on how a person is upgraded and the way of maintaining their set of skills.
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  5. Google spanner vs Microsoft CosmosDB; Cloud Database

    Google spanner vs Microsoft CosmosDB; Cloud Database

    Categories: Google Cloud
    With the advancements that are already happening within cloud computing, tons of improvements are bound to happen in the future. One such development includes the initiation of SQL based databases that provide the users with a customized experience of storing, sorting, and processing heavy bounds of raw data. There are many database providers out there and most of them work on various nodes of the SQL database engines such as Google Spanner and Microsoft CosmosDB. We will be talking a little diligently about these two such as what is the difference between these and how these can profit businesses and services relying heavily on them.
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  6. Top 5 Google cloud certifications and courses in India

    Top 5 Google cloud certifications and courses in India

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Google Cloud
    Cybersecurity continues to change at a rapid speed and if you are not down with its momentum then chances are that you might be crushed with the competition and get nowhere. The future of digital operations belongs to cybersecurity and thus the need for various cybersecurity professionals has skyrocketed over the years. In India alone, the competition is so fierce and tight that you have to be the best of the best in order to survive.
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  7. Who is a release manager; job role & responsibilities and pay scale?

    Who is a release manager; job role & responsibilities and pay scale?

    Categories: DevOps , Career Driven
    IT business is booming right now and the technologies are getting better and stronger every passing minute, DevOps is one such methodology which is being adopted and facilitated by a long lineage of professionals and businesses. DevOps involves a proper mindset through which the designing and implementation of the software systems can be automated and agility of the whole process can be promised. It brings about the union of development and operations side of things and software and tools or their updates can be rolled out to the end-users in a much more efficient way.
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  8. Role of cloud computing in military and defense

    Role of cloud computing in military and defense

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    With technology keeping on updating at self at a steady pace and cloud computing systems becoming more and more ambient with time the future belongs to cloud computing and there is no doubt in that. You can do more at less and complete your projects or better yet keep your operations afloat without investing heavily in building infrastructure or managing it in the long run. But as businesses continue to thrive over cloud computing so do the hackers and cybercriminals, they are heavily invested in exploiting newer vulnerabilities and finding ways through which they can hurt the defense and military systems and wreak havoc if their actions go unattended.
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