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  1. A Beginner's Guide to Azure File Storage

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Azure
    When dealing with cloud computing the term cloud storage generally comes up, and the intention of that term is to relate with the process of storing media and other data files on a dedicated cloud-based storage system or directory. Within this decade, numerous cloud computing vendors have sprung up and taken the radar, which is cloud computing market by storm. There are AWS, Google cloud platform and of course, the Azure cloud systems.
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  2. How to Do Effective Cost Management for AWS, GCP, and Azure

    How to Do Effective Cost Management for AWS, GCP, and Azure

    Categories: Cloud Computing , AWS , Azure , Google Cloud
    An organization utilizes the three most important technologies namely; AWS, GCP, and Azure for a large number of functions. All of these systems are essential to change the face of organizations and to mold them into something better. However, with all three of these technologies working, the cost associated with them also reaches the sky limit.
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  3. Top 10 cloud jobs in the UK

    Top 10 Cloud Computing Jobs in the UK

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Career Driven
    It goes without saying that the overall trends within the digital and IT landscape are shifting; companies realize that it is time for the legacy systems to go and work with something better and remote such as the cloud. Cloud computing is continuously caving into the enterprise's infrastructure while making up their mind to shift their assets to the cloud. It has become a norm these days due to the multiple benefits that the cloud offers, such as the reduction in costs, availability of the platform 24/7, zero downtime, and unbeatable scalability are some of the elements that you get with cloud computing
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  4.  What is SRE: Site Reliability Engineering 101?

    What is SRE: Site Reliability Engineering 101?

    Categories: DevOps
    In order to better understand the site reliability engineering, there is a particular scenario that needs to be taken into account. Suppose there is an app that is developed to serve the financial conglomerates such as the stock market, banks and other financial entities that come around transactions taking place on a day to day basis. The app is developed by the best developers and engineers under the umbrella of DevOps and using an agile toolset; this ensures a stable and convenient build that provides with efficiency and 24/7 workability.
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  5. Top 10 cloud database in 2020: which one to choose

    Top 10 Cloud Database in 2020: Which One to Choose

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    Running a successful business entails that everything is up to date at all times and that you have a perfect inventory, to begin with. The same goes with the digital business, every utility that you are going to utilize should be up to date and packed with the latest inscriptions as soon as these land into the market. Digital businesses rely on the continuous input of data and without a proper flow of it to process, parse and extract insight there isn’t much that can be done to bring innovation and prosperity to the end-users. That brings us to the use of databases, a database is a collection of different forms of data, collected randomly or following a strict pattern under the same or different queries or as required by the organization.
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  6. How to Deploy DevOps in the Cloud

    How to Deploy DevOps in the Cloud

    Categories: Cloud Computing , DevOps
    Whether it is DevOps or Cloud, both of these systems are indispensable to bring about the digital transformation that the world needs right now. As we are progressing, we need more efficient and secure systems to perform a wide range of functions. Although Cloud and DevOps significantly work best on their own accord now most of the organizations are trying to deploy DevOps in the Cloud. This is because if one wants to digitally transform the whole area of working, he/she must be able to deploy DevOps in the Cloud. Both of these servers are the key drivers to transform your organization better in terms of agility, speed, and technological advancement it needs.
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  7. A guide to cloud migration

    A Guide to a Successful Cloud Migration

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    Cloud migration is not necessarily a new concept as it has been around for some time now, but the adoption or uptake of this concept is only a recent development. Cloud computing is safe, convenient, offers a dedicated check and balance when it comes to management and implementation costs, and the time required to do so. In essence, these are only a handful of some essential advantages that cloud computing has to offer. There is scalability, agility, DevOps initiation and integration, as well as ultimate protection and security of the data that resides in the cloud.
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  8. Top 15 Cloud Computing Boot camps with Highest Pay Job Guarantee

    Top 15 Best Cloud Computing Bootcamps Offered in 2021

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Career Driven
    Not every IT or cloud computing professional can have the luxury of furthering their professional career by undertaking a few courses at some of the renowned universities. The tuition fees alone would be enough to discard the idea as soon as it comes to the mind. Some of the renowned universities, however that provide with the best programs and certifications regarding IT and cloud computing include;  Harvard, UC Berkley, Northeastern Illinois University, UT Austin, MIT, University of Minnesota. As much as the idea of studying in any of these fine institutes is thrilling the fee structure and other added costs are not whatsoever.
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