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What is Virtual Instructor-Led Training?

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is learning delivered live in an online environment rather than in a traditional classroom or online on-demand setting. Unlike on-demand online training where you set the pace of your learning, VILT is live so you can ask questions, get feedback and participate in real time.

Cloud Institute’s VILT programs get teams project-ready. VILT ensures teams complete training on time, acquire the desired skills and are ready to pass a certification exam.

We offer VILT classes in public and private settings. Certified instructors deliver comprehensive training to teach in-demand cloud skills and best practices using a mix of presentations, discussion and hands-on challenge labs.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training Courses and Pricing

Our cloud VILT courses are priced per student. Volume discounts are available, so inquire with sales for a quote and information on private VILT training for your IT team.

The following VILT courses are available for private bookings. Public VILT course schedules are coming soon.

Amazon Web Services VILT Courses

Course Skill level Duration
AWS Technical Essentials Fundamental 1 day
AWS Business Essentials Fundamental 1 day
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Fundamental 1 day
Migrating to AWS Fundamental 2 day
Software Development on AWS Learning Path Fundamental N/A
AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Course + Certification Exam Bundle Intermediate 3 days
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Course + Certification Exam Bundle Intermediate 3 days
Security Engineering on AWS Intermediate 3 day
Developing on AWS Intermediate 4 day
Advanced Developing on AWS Advanced 3 day
DevOps Engineering on AWS Advanced 3 day

DevOps VILT Courses

Course Skill level Duration
Git and GitLab Essentials Foundational 2 days
Jenkins Automation Essentials Foundational 2 days
SUSE Kubernetes Administration Foundational 2 days
Developing Microservices Foundational 3 days
SUSE Rancher Foundational 3 days
Mastering Ansible Foundational 4 days
Ansible 101 - Ansible Essentials Foundational 5 days
APIs and API Design with Python Foundational 5 days
Go Programming Essentials Foundational 5 days
Python Basics Foundational 5 days
SIP Essentials Foundational 5 days
Kubernetes Bootcamp Foundational Varies
Linux Essentials for Developers Foundational Varies
SDN, NFV and SD-WAN Certification Foundational Varies
Python for Network Automation Foundational Varies
Certified Kubernetes Administrator Foundational 5 days
Network Automation with Python and Ansible Foundational 5 days

What do we cover in our training?

Cloud Institute specializes in training for major cloud platforms and technologies, including AWS, Azure, DevOps and beyond.

Our VILT programs cover fundamental and emerging cloud technology from basic to advanced skill levels. Because VILT courses are experiential in nature, we also include hands-on Challenge Labs so you can practice and validate skills in a risk-free environment.

Our VILT training programs cover:

  • Cloud certifications
  • Cloud service models
  • Cloud computing deployment models
  • Migrating to the cloud
  • Cloud computing best practices
  • Cloud computing challenges
  • Cloud security strategies
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Multicloud management and orchestration

Is VILT cost effective?

The short answer: Yes! Virtual training can deliver significant cost savings compared to in-person classroom training.

Save 30-70% switching from in-person to virtual training[1] In fact, a ReadyTech study found companies that move one course from a traditional classroom to VILT save between $9,550 and $15,870. This estimate includes the cost of travel, transportation, technology and productivity lost by missed work.

Why choose Cloud Institute’s VILT programs?

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date and flexible cloud training programs to stay in front of cloud technology, earn top certifications and validate your skills, our VILT programs have you covered.

Learn from certified instructors active in their fields Transfer skills from the classroom to the workplace Learn from anywhere and receive personal attention Customize content for your team’s needs and environment
Practice skills risk-free in hands-on Challenge Labs Receive real time feedback from instructors Be prepared to pass certification exams Post-class performance support and coaching
VILT: Why Virtual Class Readiness Matters for Your L&D Team," ReadyTech, 2019.
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