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Google Cloud Certification Bootcamp

Earn the two most in-demand Google certifications with self-paced courses, demos and hands-on labs and 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with a GCP expert.

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Google Cloud Certification Bootcamp


Who should take the Google Cloud Certification Bootcamp:

  • Software Architects or Engineers wishing to pass the Google Cloud Professional Architect and Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification exams
  • Software Architects or Engineers who want to have an expert understanding of Google Cloud
  • Anyone who wants to prove their knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform

What you'll learn in this GCP Bootcamp:

This bootcamp delivers personalized coaching and deep instruction designed to ensure you pass two official Google Cloud Certified exams: GCP Associate Cloud Engineer and GCP Professional Architect.
You will learn fundamental GCP principles and essential GCP technologies. When you finish the bootcamp, you will understand:
  • Aspects of the Google Cloud Platform tested by the exam
  • Virtual Networking
  • Virtual machines
  • How to manage resources
  • How cloud identity and access management work
  • How to secure the GCP cloud with IAM and Cloud Identity
  • Data services
  • Skills needed to automate infrastructure
  • Containers
  • How to design and implement better security protocols
  • Application development
  • How to migrate to GCP efficiently and smoothly
  • How to manage your GCP Cloud environment more efficiently
  • How to use Gcloud commands
  • App Engine and BigQuery
  • How to secure Compute Engine
  • Kubernetes commands
  • Google Cloud billing
During the bootcamp you will get insight into the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer and the GCP Professional Architect exams, and walk through important exercises around managing a Google Cloud environment. You will be going through demos, reviewing content and providing you the top 10 things to remember before taking the exams.
The courses in this Google Cloud Bootcamp are completely free. Pay only for 2 hours in two 1-hour or four 30-minute sessions with an expert Google Cloud Certification Coach who will work with you one-on-one to ensure you're well-prepared to pass the certifications exams. 

Why take the Google Cloud Certification Bootcamp:

  • Content is exam-oriented so you can focus on what you need to know to pass the exam
  • Significantly reduces your exam prep time
  • Over 50 lectures cover every subject matter questioned in the exam
  • Includes a careful selection of links to references and additional study material


  • Access to a Google Cloud Platform account, like a free trial
  • Have some experience using the Google Cloud Platform
  • An appetite for knowledge and curiosity to learn more about the GCP
  • A fundamental knowledge of the Google Cloud console
  • It’s helpful, but not necessary, to be able to provision services such as VMS, Networks, VPCs, storage and data services in GCP


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34 Hours
Self-Paced Learning

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Earn the two most in-demand Google certifications with self-paced courses, demos and hands-on labs and 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with a GCP expert.

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