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Google Cloud Certification Bootcamp

Self-Paced Learning
40 Hours

Prepare to earn the three most in-demand Google Cloud certifications — Cloud Digital Leader, Associate Cloud Engineer and Professional Cloud Architect. Get 1 hour of personalized coaching with a GCP expert, self-paced courses, demos and 170+ hands-on GCP labs.

$ 395.00

Course overview

This Google Cloud Certification Bootcamp will prepare you to earn Associate Cloud Engineer & Professional Cloud Architect credentials.

  • Access 40 hours of content
  • Package includes 1 hour coaching with a Google Cloud expert
  • Gain hands-on experience through 170+ labs

What you'll learn in this GCP Bootcamp:

This bootcamp delivers personalized coaching and deep instruction designed to ensure you pass two official Google Cloud certification exams: GCP Associate Cloud Engineer and GCP Professional Architect.
You'll learn fundamental Google Cloud principles and essential technologies. When you finish the bootcamp, you'll understand:
  • Aspects of the Google Cloud Platform tested by the exam
  • Virtual networking
  • Virtual machines
  • How to manage resources
  • How cloud identity and access management work
  • How to secure Google Cloud with IAM and Cloud Identity
  • Data services
  • Skills needed to automate infrastructure
  • Containers
  • How to design and implement better security protocols
  • Application development
  • How to migrate to GCP efficiently and smoothly
  • How to manage your GCP Cloud environment more efficiently
  • How to use Gcloud commands
  • App Engine and BigQuery
  • How to secure Compute Engine
  • Kubernetes commands
  • Google cloud billing
During the bootcamp you will get insight into the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer and the GCP Professional Architect exams, and walk through important exercises around managing a Google Cloud environment. You will run through demos, reviewing exam materials and get tips for successfully taking and passing the exams.

Why take the Google Cloud Certification Bootcamp:

  • Content is exam-oriented so you can focus on what you need to know to pass the exam
  • Significantly reduces your exam prep time
  • Over 50 lectures cover every subject matter questioned in the exam
  • Includes a careful selection of links to references and additional study material
  • Access to over 170 hands-on Challenge Labs where you can safely practice skills in a risk-free, Google Cloud platform environment.


  • Access to a Google Cloud Platform account, like a free trial
  • Have some experience using the Google Cloud Platform
  • An appetite for knowledge and curiosity to learn more about the GCP
  • A fundamental knowledge of the Google Cloud console
  • It’s helpful, but not necessary, to be able to provision services such as VMS, Networks, VPCs, storage and data services in GCP


Money Back Guarantee

40 Hours
Self-Paced Learning


Prepare to earn the three most in-demand Google Cloud certifications — Cloud Digital Leader, Associate Cloud Engineer and Professional Cloud Architect. Get 1 hour of personalized coaching with a GCP expert, self-paced courses, demos and 170+ hands-on GCP labs.

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Why Cloud Institute

Flexible Training

We help teams become project-ready by tailoring training and instruction to align to your business goals and requirements.

Hands-On Practice

Shorten the learning curve. Validate your skills in Challenge Labs featuring real scenarios in risk-free environments.

Personalized Coaching

We make sure classroom training transfers to the workplace with post-training coaching from cloud practitioners.

Meet some of our Coaches

Bekim Dauti

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Bekim Dauti works in the administration of servers and computer networks and training in Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft. He has a bachelor's degree from the University of Tirana and a master's degree from UMGC Europe, both in IT.

Sudhanshu Pandey

Software Engineer

Sudhanshu is Redhat Certified and a Computer Science graduate. He has worked on multiple technologies including Devops, ML, Python, Redhat Linux, MySQL, MongoDB, Cloud Computing, web development and mobile app development. He is currently working as an ML engineer for a startup and as a trainer on a content delivery team for Linuxworld.

Zaki Medina

CTO in Healthcare

Zaki has many years of experience in the Telecom, Utility and Healthcare industries leading data science, analytics and technical teams with an advanced understanding of data engineering, data science, ML-Ops and Responsible AI technologies and the appropriate application of these technologies to solve problems at a massive scale.

William Clark

CompTIA Instructor and Consultant

William Clark is the founder and CEO of Clark Technology Group. For 30 years he has worked in networking and cybersecurity in retail, health care, government, military and manufacturing sectors.​

Khalil Demeri​

Cloud Solutions Architect

Khaleel has many years of experience in servers administration on Linux and Windows platforms, managing 4000+ servers running different flavors of Linux and web hosting control panels. He helps the team to deal with Windows (MCSE) and Linux Server related issues and services administration. Install, configure and integrate system/solution/OS at site and remotely.

Saurabh Khan​

Cloud Coach

Saurabh is an enthusiastic instructor and accomplished Cloud Engineer. With a solid background in architecting cloud solutions and hands-on experience in configuring and deploying applications on leading cloud platforms like Azure, GCP, and AWS, Saurabh possesses a wealth of knowledge to share with learners.

John Morah

Azure Architect

John is an experienced instructor and highly skilled Cloud Architect who brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table. With a career that began in January 2001, John has been fixing computers and providing technical training and support on Microsoft and Google technologies for over two decades.

Uchechukwu Cos-Ibe

GCP Cloud Engineer

Uchechukwu Cos-Ibe is a highly skilled and GCP-certified Cloud Engineer with a strong background in deploying and managing cloud infrastructure. With expertise in automating cloud deployments using Terraform and implementing CI/CD pipelines. Uchechukwu's experience as a Database Administrator and Data Science professional further enhances their ability to provide valuable insights and optimize cloud solutions.

Dickson Victor

Devops Engineer

Dickson is a DevOps Engineer with multi-cloud certifications and experience working with AWS, Google cloud and Microsoft Azure. He is an AWS community builder, Microsoft Certified trainer, AWS Accredited Instructor and technical writer.

Arjun Sasikumar

Cloud Architect

Arjun has 10+ years of IT experience. Currently working as a Google Cloud Consultant in a Multi-National Company. He is holding certifications in Google Cloud Digital Leader , Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer and Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect.

Neeraj Kumar

Cloud Architect Trainer​

Neeraj is passionate about teaching and learning, always striving to be 1% better every day. He loves impacting the lives of students and helping organizations meet their cloud goals. ​ Neeraj has deep experience working with global clients on 45+ projects with 7/7 CSAT scores on various projects. He has attained certifications from GCP, Azure, AWS and Oracle.

Praveen Tej D​

Cloud Coach

Praveen has years of Experience in Cloud Architect, Cloud Trainer, Lead Coach ,AWS, Azure, GCP ,Devops , Cloud Engineer, Data Engineer.​ He believes in continuous learning and creativity, providing exposure to new ideas that stimulates professional and personal growth.​

Abhimanyu Singh Panwar

Devops Coach

Experienced DevOps Engineer in Software development industry with primary focus on Build, Release and software configuration management with a good hands-on knowledge of Source Code.He has a working knowledge of multi cloud service providers, like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Godfrey Chatira

Azure Solutions Architect

An experienced Azure Solutions Architect, with a proven track record of designing and implementing complex cloud solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. With expertise in cloud architecture, infrastructure, security, and governance, I help organizations to maximize their investments in cloud by providing tailored solutions that align with business goals and technical requirements.

Franklin Okedo

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Solutions Architect/ SharePoint Developer with over 8+ years of successful experience in Cloud Infrastructure Architecting and Security Administration. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in the IT industry.

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