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Zaki Medina
Zaki Medina
Multicloud Solution Architect

Exponential Change Leader and a Life-Long Ultra-Learner with a proven track record of transforming businesses via data science driven analytics, information technology, pervasive automation and business model innovation techniques. Highly skilled at leading through influence across complex corporate organizations. Consistent theme throughout my career is that of championing exponential change by combining existing and new technologies to pivot business models and create scalable and sustainable Digital Transformation initiatives.

Experienced leader of data science, analytics and technical teams with an advanced understanding of data engineering, data science, MLOps and Responsible AI technologies and the appropriate application of these technologies to solve problems at a massive scale within domains such as Retail, E-commerce, Multi-sided Marketplaces, Finance & Banking, Energy, Manufacturing and Healthcare.

Additionally, I bring strong leadership skills where I create expanded results for large, diverse and geographically dispersed teams. I have a strong desire for continuous learning, growth and development to keep my approaches, skills and leadership relevant by teaching Data Science and AI within Azure certification tracks. I have personally supported the learning journeys as an Instructor and Coach for over thousands of aspiring Data Scientists and I am in the top 3% on the planet as a Data Science Instructor for Azure instructors.

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