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Cloud Institute is the only IT training company offering 1:1 cloud coaching. Choose from a bench of practicing experts and get a customized learning path to:

  • Learn cloud technologies and services faster

  • Prepare to pass rigorous certification exams

  • Get live, on-the-job training when you need it

Don’t Waste Time and Money On Training You Don’t Need

If you want to earn a promotion or attract a job offer fast, our coach-led approach to learning is a better choice.

Rather than a subscription that leaves it up to you to figure out which of thousands of training videos you need, a coach assesses your goals and knowledge to customize a learning path.

  • Take only training you need

  • Personalized instruction

  • Hands-on practice opportunities

  • On-the-job, live project training

Get Trained On In-Demand Cloud Technologies

Cloud Architecture

Learn the best ways to combine services to run applications and manage cloud resources

Cloud Networking

Manage public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure


Automate deployement, scalingand management of containerized apps


Create resilient systems in the face of evolving threats


Maintain and manage infrastructurefor the cloud project lifecycle

Data Science

Learn techniques for extracting maximum value from your business data


Automate and integrate the process between software development and It teams


Learn to leverage the many variationsand distributions of Linux

AI & Machine Learning

Use data and algorithms to imitate the ways human learn

Tap Into the Expertise of Highly-Skilled Cloud Coaches

Engage coaches who are experienced subject matter experts across a range of cloud technologies and platforms.


Zaki Medina

CTO in Healthcare

Zaki is a co-founder at a digital self-care wellness platform encompassing a disruptive

multi-sided marketplace operating at the intersection of General Health, Nutrition, Mental, Intimate Health & Sexual Wellness.

William A. Clark

Cybersecurity Coach

William Clark is the founder and CEO of Clark Technology Group, Inc. For the past 30 years he has been working with networking and cybersecurity in the retail,

health care, government, military and manufacturing sectors.

William A. Clark
Akhil Bangia

Akhil Bangia

CTO in Healthcare

Akhil began his career as a software engineer at Avaya and after a few quick promotions he was recruited to become a consultant. His attention to detail, hands-on experience

with cloud applications and always staying at the forefront of innovation helps him deliver big results for his clients.

Aman Ullah

Machine Learning Engineer

Aman is an expert software developer with extensive experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning

software applications. He has earned four Microsoft Azure certifications and a Google Cloud certification.

Aman Ullah

Our coaches are certified in



How to Become a Cloud Engineer: 3 Steps


IT Cloud Skills Shortage Impact Report


IT Cloud Skills Shortage Impact Report

Career Roadmap

Find the best cloud career path forward with AWS, Azure, and GCP

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