Reskill & Redeploy

Fueled by business transformation, every successful company must evolve its people. As technology automates tasks, individuals running those tasks must be reskilled or reassigned.

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Skills Assessments for Roles-Based Career Pathways

The best way to confirm your team’s technical knowledge is to have them show what they know. Our cloud skills assessments will validate those skills and help you to identify where you or your team should focus your efforts for ongoing training. Test your knowledge in:

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • GCP

  • Security

  • Networking

  • DevOps

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Customized Learning Plan

We create a personalized approach for your organization that doesn't interrupt your business. Customized learning paths:

  • Online Courses: Self-Paced & Instructor Led

  • Labs for Hands-On Practice

  • Coaching for Career, Leadership, and Project Mentoring

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Consumer Goods Use Case Example

A consumer goods company invests over $2 billion in technology annually – including approximately $400M, specifically in IT. Their e-commerce growth requires the company to double their IT workforce within 3 years – including engineers, DevOps, security, architecture, and leadership. We identified an opportunity to expedite this by reskilling some IT and customer support talent to more technical roles with personalized, hands-on, learning paths for each person – supported by an expert Cloud Coach to ensure everyone stayed on track.


Challenge: Expedite the growth of a skilled IT workforce by leveraging existing employees who are familiar with the company's tech stack


Solution: A Cloud Coach personalizes learning paths for everyone, with hands-on practice and the opportunity to earn relevant certifications.


Result: The highest retention and most productive workforce the company has seen

Optimize Existing Talent. Save Costs. Stay Competitive.

If you’re focused on hiring IT talent and upskilling your current staff on new cloud technologies and platforms, but are still dealing with high turnover, persistent skills gaps and low innovation, reskilling and redeploying your workforce could be a good strategy for your business.

Reskilling and redeploying involves strategically converting front line employees into more productive roles. For example, turning IT help desk staff into cloud administrators.

Get Project-Ready—And Improve the Bottom Line

By effectively teaching and matching your workforce to work your business needs, you can see:

  • Increased financial performance

  • Higher employee retention

  • Better ability to navigate future disruptions

  • Enhanced agility

  • More opportunities for innovation

  • Improved staff engagement and well-being

Upgrade Your Reskilling Programs with Cloud Institute`

Cloud Institute will help you:

Assess the competency and proficiency of your staff’s tech skills
Personalize a learning path aligned to your business needs
Give your team access to 1:1 cloud coaching, comprehensive training and hands-on skills development opportunities



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