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Reskill & Redeploy

As technology automates tasks, your workforce needs to be reassessed, reskilled, and reassigned.

How it works

Optimize Existing Talent.
Save Costs. Stay Competitive.

If you’re focused on hiring IT talent and upskilling your current staff on new cloud technologies and platforms but are still dealing with high turnover, persistent skills gaps, and low innovation, reskilling and redeploying your workforce could be a good strategy for your business.Reskilling and redeploying involve strategically converting front-line employees into more productive roles. For example, turning IT help desk staff into cloud administrators.

By effectively teaching and matching your workforce to meet your business needs, you can see:

  • Increase “quality hire” rates
  • Reduce churn and improve retention
  • Improve candidate experience
  • Qualify candidates more accurately at a lower cost
  • Earn repeat business from your clients
  • Differentiate your firm in a saturated market
  • Yield more successful projects
Validate the skills of your existing workforce

To understand what training your employees require, you need an objective measurement of their existing skills to identify strengths and opportunities. We leverage technology-specific, role-based, and customized assessments, analyze the results, and provide a detailed report of the findings.

Identify talent needs and skill gaps

Through the detailed analysis of your existing workforce, we identify the talent needs and pinpoint any skills gaps limiting your organization's ability to achieve near-term and strategic initiatives.

Create a customized reskilling plan

Through one-on-one advisory sessions, Cloud Institute provides a personalized curriculum plan for each individual that does not interrupt your business. Customized learning plans include courses, labs, and access to expert coaches who are available when your existing workforce needs them.

Engage in an immersive learning experience

Cloud Institute works with your organization to recommend and implement customized learning development plans, and upskill your workforce through a blend of coursework, coaching, and hands-on lab exercises aligned to the unique needs of the organization.
Hands-on virtual labs are challenge-centric, offering a way to prepare candidates for a variety of relevant scenarios in real-world environments. These 600+ labs in standard configurations are readily available, and we offer the option to create additional labs specific to your environment.

Achieve goals faster with an ongoing coaching

Cloud Institute works with your team as they progress on their learning journeys, answering questions, providing guidance, and offering support and encouragement at every step. Cloud Institute provides ongoing coaching throughout the redeployment process to ensure a smooth transition into new roles.

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