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Cloud Talent
Recruit, Train, Deploy

Cloud Institute can help you assess applicants’ skills or source new candidates and train them per your company’s specific talent skills gaps. Injecting new, diverse talent into your workforce off-loads your current staff, reduces attrition, and enables your organization to focus on larger service implementations.

How it works

Put the right people in the right roles

Our Recruit, Train, Deploy Process

  • Assess Applicants’ Skills

    or source new candidates & train them per your talent skills gaps.

  • Inject New, Diverse Talent

    into your workforce to off-load your current staff — enable your organization to focus on larger service implementations.

Validate the skills of your existing workforce

To understand what training your employees require, you need an objective measurement of their existing skills to identify strengths and opportunities. We leverage technology-specific, role-based, and customized assessments, analyze the results, and provide a detailed report of the findings.

Identify talent needs and skills gaps

Through the detailed analysis of your existing workforce, we identify the talent needs and pinpoint any skills gaps limiting your organization's ability to achieve near-term and strategic initiatives.

Through one-on-one advisory sessions, Cloud Institute provides a personalized curriculum plan for each individual that does not interrupt your business. Customized learning plans include courses, labs, and access to expert coaches who are available when your existing workforce needs them.

Recruit and assess new applicants against those gaps

When talent needs are identified, Cloud Institute offers the most flexible approach to recruiting new candidates, assessing applicants, and preparing a high-quality sustainable talent pipeline: role-based experts OR talent trained on your tech stack.

Most hiring decisions rely on a candidate's resume and your best estimate of their proficiency through introductory discussions. But interviews and guesswork do not validate skills. The best way to confirm the technical knowledge of applicants is to have each individual show what they know.

With Cloud Institute's skills assessment tool, we analyze the capabilities of new applicants and compare it to the skills needed to do the job.

Create and implement customized training plans

Cloud Institute works with your organization to create, review, and manage customized learning development plans, and drive workforce readiness through a blend of assessments, coursework, coaching, and hands-on lab exercises aligned to the unique needs of the organization.

Initiate onboarding with ongoing coaching

Cloud Institute works with you to smoothly onboard the new talent into your organization and seamlessly integrate them with your newly upskilled existing staff. Cloud Institute provides ongoing coaching to ensure continuity and workforce optimization.

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