Powerful guide to launch your career in Cloud Computing

Data is doubling every two to three years, Yes that quickly.  We create more data in one day than we did over thousands of years in the past.  That data needs to be managed, stored, secured, and monitored. How is that being done, through Cloud Computing.

The need for data is driven by the search for competitive advantage. Companies seek competitive advantage these days with their IT systems.  The core of IT spend is in and around their web services and the data that is created from that web activity. Jobs in this area will continue to grow which will continue to drive the sever lack of skilled professionals companies have to select.


This is investment that can paid significant dividends for you and your family that will last for several years, the trend in cloud is not a one-year technology buzz word wonder, it is here to stay.  At the very least it is worth taking a few mins to review the cloud computer marketplace and the job opportunities growing within this market.


This guide is that first step.  It was created specifically to provide interested professionals the information they need to make informed decisions about the opportunities in Cloud Computing.  You can use this guide to effectively plan your investment in Cloud Computing skills to secure a more secure future for you and your family.


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This guide will help you in providing insights about:

  1. What is Cloud Computing
  2. Scope of Cloud Computing
  3. In-Demand Cloud Computing Skills
  4. Why Cloud Computing certifications are Important
  5. Skills Needed to Land a Job in Fortune 500
  6. Top Cloud Jobs and Pay scale

How CloudInstitute.io will help:

  1. Certification Training
  2. Personalized Learning Paths
  3. Skills Assessment and Goal Attainment
  4. Mentoring
  5. Free and Affordable Subscription
  6. AI based Workforce Readiness Platform
  7. Multi-Modality Training
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