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Google Cloud Platform Data Storage Overview

Self-Paced Learning
2.5 Hours

This course includes an overview of the storage requirements of the Google Cloud Platform.

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Course overview

About this course:

This course includes an overview of the storage requirements of the Google Cloud Platform.The Google Cloud platform has a wide range of object storage options for an array of multiple needs along with various pricing ranges. These are managed by MySQL and the globally scalable NoSQL databases.

The archival storage prides itself on the best prices in the industry with the performance of disc.

Course Objective:

 Upon completion of this course, the participant should have an advanced skill set and a sound working knowledge of the following principals while also be able to;

  • Recognize and determine solutions which will fit given scenarios irrespective of whether it is a mobile application, hosting a commercial software, data pipelines or storing backups.
  • Determine why GCP storage and database products should be chosen
  • Realize how and why greater productivity is gained through Quick Access to Innovation
  • Learn that the adoption of a new function leads to less disruption
  • Understand how employees can work remotely
  • Understand how a quick collaboration can be achieved via Google cloud
  • Understand how customers benefit from better security due to Google's investment in security
  • Realize that the customer's data is more secure since it is stored less and less on vulnerable devices
  • Understand how customers benefit from a higher uptime and advanced reliability
  • Explain how more control and greater flexibility is available to users and how it benefits them
  • Explain how customers have an economical option where they can work with low costs due to Google’s Economies of Scale


This particular course is aimed at the following audience;

  • Cloud Software engineers


There are no prerequisites  which are absolutely necessary to be eligible to take this course.


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2.5 Hours
Self-Paced Learning

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This course includes an overview of the storage requirements of the Google Cloud Platform.

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