Linux Cloud Hosting Vs Windows Cloud Hosting

Linux Cloud Hosting Vs Windows Cloud Hosting

Usually, hosting your website would require you to host it on a server in a data center. It could be a shared server where they host other websites or a dedicated server where your websites get its own space.

Usually, hosting your website would require you to host it on a server in a data center. It could be a shared server where they host other websites or a dedicated server where your websites get its own space.

With cloud hosting, you are not limited to just one server. Instead, your website is connected to a host of multiple network servers from several locations connected through the internet. What this means is that resources that allow your website to function effectively are spread out among several servers. The benefits provided by this hosting is enormous. Instead of relying on one server for all your website needs, you get to share the load among several other servers, and in turn, improve your website hosting services. Even when a server fails or experiences a glitch, there would be no downtime for your website, as all other servers can easily cover up and carry out the required task.

Cloud hosting is secured, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective. It allows you to scale your website up or down according to the demand of traffic coming in. Choosing a cloud hosting plan is a complicated process. As well as different capacities and resource allocations, you’ll also come across different platforms.

Cloud hosting can be done on both Linux and Windows OS, depending on the need of your website. In this article, we are going to compare the Linux cloud hosting vs Windows cloud hosting.

What Is Linux Cloud Hosting?

Linux cloud hosting is all about hosting a website on the cloud hosting platform, using the Linux operating system as the platform. From our definition, we can see that two things are paramount for Linux cloud hosting, and that is the cloud hosting server with the Linux operating software. It does not matter what operating system your PC runs on, as any website created using either Linux or windows can easily interact with the OS on any PC. What matters is the programming language used to build your website, as it must tally your web hosting platform.

Linux cloud hosting works well for business operations as it ensures optimum performance on a range of specific tasks. Since the cloud server uses many systems at the same, this can significantly increase efficiency.

Linux Cloud servers are perfect for a company’s that have to deal with large volumes of data at all times, as it allows for the processing of lots of data to get results within the shortest possible time. Users can easily access this server anywhere using their PC, provided there is an internet connection. The Linux cloud server is cost-effective as you only pay for what you use, and you also have the liberty to make changes to the system and manage your security as you see fit.

The Linux cloud hosting is fast, reliable, cost-effective, and scalable. 

What Is Windows Cloud Hosting?

Windows cloud hosting is when windows OS is used as a platform to host a website on the cloud computing platform. The main advantage of windows cloud hosting is its ability to interact with Microsoft products comfortably. It uses the latest version of the Windows server to provide a wide range of specific applications to its users. Some of which are;

.NET Framework

You’ll need a Windows server for anything that requires the .NET Framework Specifically. Windows is required for anything written in ASP (which stands for Active Server Pages) or ASP.NET.

Visual Basic

You will also need a Windows server if you’re working with Visual Basic (VB). You will need Windows if you wish to access any products in the Microsoft stack, such as Exchange. Even when you are working on SharePoint, and that includes designing content in SharePoint Designer.

MS Access and MS SQL

If you are using an MS Access database or, if you are an MS SQL Server user, Windows hosting is the right service for you.

 Linux Cloud Hosting Vs Windows Cloud Hosting

  • Linux cloud hosting is cheaper when compared to windows cloud hosting. Because it is an open-source platform, and free for anyone, users spend less to set it up. When compared to windows Cloud hosting, you will have to obtain a license at a certain fee before you can be allowed access to use the Microsoft windows hosting platform. Nevertheless, for individuals already invested in Microsoft, windows hosting is the perfect place to optimize Microsoft products. 
  • Linux cloud hosting works effectively with almost all forms of a programming language such as Dreamweaver, MySQL, CGI. Python, PHP, except the ones specific to the Microsoft platform alone. Windows cloud hosting also works with PHP but is not as effective as when working with Microsoft owned servers such as ASP, MS SQL, ASP.NET. 
  •  For Linux based systems, one major challenge is their inability to host .NET Framework, as it belongs to Microsoft and can only be hosted with a windows server. 
  •  Both Windows and Linux cloud computing have a similar approach to data management. They both make use of the FTP server and are compatible with HTML and JavaScript. However, Linux cloud computing works more effectively by combining both HTML and JavaScript for optimum performance. 
  •  Linux cloud computing is more popular than windows among techie’s and large organizations because, due to its open-source distributions, it can easily be reprogrammed to meet the needs of the business in specific areas and tasks. 
  •  Linux cloud hosting is more secured when compared to windows cloud hosting. Since Linux is an open-source distribution, it means that coders can see and alter how Linux functions, with no need to hack anything. With this, individuals can modify the OS back-end, and bugs can easily be fixed, even by the company itself. Because of the trademark covering Windows, it doesn’t allow users to correct bugs as they’re found. Only Microsoft itself can make the change.

 Final Take

Depending on the need of your website, you have to decide what works best for you. There are various versions of both to choose from before signing up. Most low-cost hosting is provided on Linux servers, but a Linux set-up isn’t suitable for everyone.

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