Over the past couple of years, cloud computing has been on the rise as a new business model that is being implemented in educational institutions, hospitals, military base camps, and many different industries. And with the ever-growing demand for cloud computing and limited skilled and certified individuals, there continues to be steady demand, increasing pay but a limited supply of cloud computing engineers entering the workforce on an annual basis.

If you are an IT specialist looking to make your next big career move, or someone looking for a career shift in the field and want to gain the right set of knowledge for this profession, or just learn cloud computing in general - Here are the top 7 skills you need to build a successful cloud computing career:


Since cloud computing is a specialized profession, knowing how to code well is a prerequisite before entering this line of work. Programming languages like Python, PHP, Java, and .NET are some of the examples to consider.

Some of the modern computer languages for someone who is already good at writing codes include Pearl and Ruby. These are open-source programming languages that have gained popularity in recent years.

As developers build, deploy, and run programs on the cloud ecosystem, it is essential for an individual to know how to code well in order to pursue a successful career in cloud computing.


Potential customer data is secured in database platforms that require management time and again. Since most databases are now cloud-based platforms, you need to know how to extract relevant information out of these databases.

Information like geographic locations, gender, age, email addresses, and phone numbers can easily be retrieved and provided to the business. This makes the marketing process more manageable for companies to target prospective buyers, thus increasing business efficiency.


In order to jump-start your career in cloud computing, you need to enroll in relevant courses. There are various software certifications by Microsoft and Amazon that offer online training material to boost your career in cloud computing. Following are some of the certifications which can help your profile stand out as a cloud computing engineer:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification
  • Microsoft Azure Certification
  • Google Cloud Certification
  • Alibaba Cloud Certification

Completing these certifications will not only help enhance your understanding of cloud computing but also give you a competitive edge over other candidates in the job market.


Knowledge related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) would augment your cloud computing career in the upcoming years.

According to PRNewswire, "The global machine learning market is expected to grow from USD 1.41 Billion in 2017 to USD 8.81 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 44.1%. The main driving factors for the market are proliferation in data generation and technological advancement." [2]

Familiarizing yourself with platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure will help you know more about machine learning and AI implementations through documentation and online training material.


One of the critical skills to have to become a proficient cloud computing engineer is knowing how to work on Linux. As most of the Azure servers are Linux based, organizations are looking for individuals who can not only build Linux servers but can also maintain them on a regular basis.

In order to learn how to administer Linux servers and acquire this skill, the Linux Foundation has certified system administrators who can assist you in this regard.


Previously, cloud servers were managed by developers through a server-based architecture. However, as per the latest industry-standard technologies and advanced coding languages, it is possible to go serverless. By implementing Serverless Architecture, developers can upscale and update their servers according to the project requirement without having a server-based infrastructure. This proves to be inexpensive and efficient for most businesses today.


As a cloud computing engineer, you need to know about all three kinds of cloud types. This includes hybrid, public, and private cloud services. Knowing how each of the three cloud services work is essential to progress in the field of cloud computing. Working in a "multiple cloud environment" means developers can extract data from several different sources that are linked to numerous vendors and platforms.

Cloud computing professionals need to make sure that the cloud environment is running smoothly, and the company can pull data effectively. In addition to this, having a firm understanding of how data integration works across multiple systems in an organization is also vital.

Cloud technology is helping businesses grow and operate in an efficient manner. And this is just the beginning. Companies of all sizes are switching to different cloud platforms as it saves time, cost, and space.

Keeping up with the latest trends in this rapidly changing technological world can be tough. By getting the right technical training and appropriate certifications, you, too, can become a cloud computing professional.

These were some of the top skills that most individuals have acquired in the field of cloud computing. If you possess the aforementioned skills or are willing to put in the time and effort to learn them – you will be able to acquire the necessary certifications with ease to establish a successful career as a cloud engineer. With a wide variety of cloud computing courses available online, adaptive learning and getting certified would not only allow you to maximize your value for the employer but also open multiple career opportunities in the future.