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Top 5 Cloud Computing Blogs Webite to Follow

Top 5 Cloud Computing Blogs Webite to Follow

Cloud computing has turned into a mega-industry and it is booming at a far greater speed than it was during its development and initial launch. Today you can find a bunch of professionals being incorporated into different roles regarding cloud computing; it can relate to the engineering side of things, maintaining SQL based databases, writing code, managing, implementing, and developing cloud-related systems and their optimization from time to time. Then there are a few individuals who are in charge of the cloud optimization and security of such systems.

The thing is that cloud computing is the revolution that is taking on the digital businesses and its adoption is in effect. The thing is that if you are a professional in cloud computing then you need to be in constant interaction with the latest news, trends that are on the rise, and areas that need to be serving such as new jobs and better opportunities that arise in meantime. That is why it is essential that you remain in contact with various tech or cloud computing-based blogs out there. For your reference and to provide you with a vague idea of the technological sites and blogs that are out there and can help you greatly; here are the 5 best cloud computing blogs that you should be following right now;

All things distributed

Without any doubt, it is the best possible blog work that is out there right now serving cloud computing and related technologies. If you are someone who is constantly using the AWS cloud platform and utilizing a variety of different resources from them then this is the perfect blog for you to follow. Because it is well written and is constantly upgraded by the famous Amazon’s CTO named Werner Vogels. The most common posts that this blog puts out are related to startups, business development, and Amazon Analytics to begin with.

But at the end of the day, you get concise and fully throughout analysis on the cloud from an expert's point of view and that is all that matters; having a second eye on the current ups and downs of the cloud market.

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The most ambitious thing about this cloud is that it gets updated on a regular basis and is being written and managed by David Linthicum. The blog itself is solely devoted to cloud computing, the current trends, changes that are being made on a large scale, and what does the future hold for the cloud? These are the main themes that are embedded rather brilliantly into this blog post and this is the same thing that keeps a large mass of people clung to this blogpost. The average posts that are being put on a weekly basis are 6 but the number can vary as well.

The most auspicious topics covered are; IT news, business technology, outsourcing of the cloud computing models, and of course basic IT strategies that are being followed by companies and conglomerates these days.


It is a one-stop destination blog when it comes to cloud computing and its related aspects. The main idea behind this platform is to provide the users with the most valuable and functional idea when it comes to related internet technologies that are either a hot topic or are being adopted rapidly out there. If you are someone who wants to dig a little deeper and have thorough details about a certain aspect regarding cloud computing such as business intelligence, data analysis cloud compliance, and applications of the cloud then this is the perfect blog that you should be following right now.

The Cloudcast

This is one of the most popular cloud computing blogs out there, the main theme that this blogpost share is the provision of audio content rather than boring and extremely lengthy content about cloud computing. These podcasts are well informed and are created by two of the most expert personnel within the cloud computing regime. It would be an informational and cool experience for you if you want to indulge a little deeper into the world of cloud computing and be a part of thrilling debates between cloud experts, Live!


This is one of the leading websites that is dedicated to the future of cloud computing, the work that is being done at the present, and how it would lead to impressive results in the future. The most prominent talk is about machine learning and artificial intelligence that are the leading marks of cloud computing. The blogpost also depicts the current market scale for various cloud computing companies out there, the current strategies which they are adopting right now, and what does the future hold. 

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