Many of the IT based organizations and corporate entities have moved their respective applications and related systems to the cloud. But when they do so, like moving their applications or migrating their entire shift to the cloud they would have to do it in a successive or repetitive manner. At first they would have to choose the dedicated applications that go first to the cloud and after that decision about which application need to be made cloud native.

Cloud wars have recently ended resulting in easing down the market and making sure that each and every vendor has set-up a lucrative or dedicative shop for the customers adding a little additional shine to their selling pitch. Another reason being for this amazing service the trust of the people being strengthened within the cloud interface but the biggest problem of them all yet have to be dealt with.

Cloud compute problems

There were times when cloud compute was not at all thriving and only a handful of companies and businesses had bought the cloud based services for their mere trial. But today in this over competitive IT market a multitude of businesses rely on cloud for their day to day operations. This has brought a massive shift within the data upload and download patterns. As far as the download of the data is concerned then it is no big issue as customers can download as much as they want. The reason behind this approach is that cloud is only responsible for the data that is stored within it and not for the IoT (Internet of things).

As far as the data upload is concerned, this phenomenon in the past couple of years have become unstoppable for the companies as they know add/upload their data to the cloud on daily basis and heavily rely on cloud for its safety and ample access. This right here is what has crippled the entire cloud based industry as storage problems have started to lift their head and soon in the cloud oriented IT industry, businesses would be at each other’s throats fighting to come around the storage space on the cloud even if it is for a few more MBs.

Taking all of this into account, here are a few storage based problems associated with cloud with their possible solutions as well;

  1. Not choosing the right cloud vendor

Many companies or businesses don’t have a basic criteria set for choosing a cloud vendor and would go to almost any and everyone who is offering the service. This is where a mistake is made on the business end. Many of the businesses would happily decide within Amazon or Azure web services for their cloud compute services. But a few others would neglect these big options and strive for other vendors with more cost-effective reach. The latter is right for you only if your enterprise is a small or start-up based and that is where the problems begin to scatter.

A company or business must make up their mind and wrap their decision around a specific cloud based entity depending on their storage needs, data accessibility and pricing structure of the cloud vendor. This way they will have a more bright picture such as what rates are being offered by the cloud compute vendor and what are their specific needs that should be fulfilled at first.

  1. Neglecting connectivity

Neglecting the proper connectivity is another problem many businesses face while using the cloud technology and then end up being strangled with storage based issues. You might have a 100Gbps, 10Gbps or 1Gbps connection running down the rest of your organization but when it comes to the internet the transfer speed of your data wouldn’t be above 10Mbps rhetorically speaking. This is where the cloud transitions come to the help as these provide the businesses with standard speed which will help in the proper transfer of data across various mediums without the business ever having to worry about the connection speed or any other interruptions whatsoever.

WAN optimization appliances used by the cloud vendors can help in proper transfer of data to and from the cloud interface. Doing so you would have to deal less with the data and worry less about the storage conditions, this would do you some solid as all of the data transfer would take place in a speedy fashion across various cloud based nodes and interfaces.

  1. Failing to understand how to move your data to another vendor

Once you choose a particular cloud computing company they would provide you with various satisfactory services to turn you into their regular and premium customer. Such as during the start these would offer you free data transfer or data storage over their servers over a network connection or something like that. But often after they have achieved their purpose they would start cutting you out on features and other dedicated elements of the package that you initially chose. A few examples of this approach includes not providing dedicated access to the user regarding their valuable data residing within their servers.

This increases the storage problems for the company or business directly harnessing the services from these vendors. But on the other hands things can turned the other way around only if you have asked the right questions during your course of activating or purchasing the services. The questions can be; how the data would be made available? What particular bandwidth be used or available according to the plan chosen or how much this bandwidth limit cost?

All of these solutions mentioned above can help the organizations to eradicate or eliminate their storage based problems from using the cloud. Multi-cloud systems can prove to be another solution for the businesses and related IT based companies to eye upon. On the other hand if you are willing to strengthen your knowledge on the subject of cloud computing then you must acquire the amazon cloud certification training required to pass the examination and validate your skills as a cloud manager or interpreter.