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Google cloud certification roadmap

Google cloud certification roadmap

 My jounrey for attaining a GCP certification starts 3 months back. I was idilly browsing my LinkedIn and I came across a Google Cloud post related to the Certification Challenge. This was the first time when I read about, and I was already thinking about getting a specialization in the cloud and was pondering which of the three principal contenders should I.

Why did I pick Google Cloud?

To begin with, around then the choice wasn't in fact sound since I didn't have profound involvement with AWS, Azure, or GCP simply essential activities in Azure and a few stages in Big Data items from GCP. My initial introductions about GCP and their organizational product were it feels simple, clean and easy to understand (UX) and essential to complement a perfect support UI.

During that time I reviewed to my mind all the Google items that I utilize day by day (google instant, youtube, photos, and so forth.) and how all around worked and to continue all I discovered this sentence from Wired:

This is the thing that makes Google, its thousands of fiber miles, its physical network, and those a huge number of servers that, in the total, together to the mother of every cloud. [Wired]

So considering the entirety of this, I was prepared to begin learning race in GCP!

The Google Cloud Certifications

Indeed, after looking the blog again I discovered that Google Cloud has 7 fundamental confirmations (exist different betas as well):

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Associate Cloud Engineer

  1. Professional Data Engineer
  2. Professional Data Architect
  3. Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  4. Professional Cloud Developer
  5. Professional Collaboration Engineer
  6. Professional Cloud Security Engineer

The challenge (propelled at least one during the year) comprised of passing any of these credentials, and to accomplish that Google gave you a learning way with some paid and free resources, also sometimes a limits for concessions for books and exams expenses, extra to that as a prize If you got the credential during the 3 months passing to enlisting Google offered you a voucher of $100 to shop on the Google Store.

For me, I chose to final the passage level credential the Associate Cloud Engineer. This credential doesn't require past understanding and gives you a review of all the Google Cloud Platform parts like Kubernetes, IaSS, PaSS, managed or Serverless services.

Google recommendation for the Certification of Associate Cloud Engineer

In the coming month, two key steps exist;

  1. Qwiklabs
  2. Book your certification.


As I would see it, probably the best stage to rehearse in a real Project of Google Cloud (also AWS). At the point, when I enrolled for the test, Google allowed me a month of boundless credits (1 credit is worth of 1 dollar) in Qwiklabs so I utilized my best that I could (until today I finished more than 50 research centers) beside you may enlarge total finished Quest to your LinkedIn. Here Google prescribes to finish:

  1. Quest of Cloud Architecture Qwiklabs
  2. Quest of GCP Essentials Qwiklabs

The two journeys supplement one another and are a decent start point on the off chance that you are fresh in Google Cloud Platform, for me finishing these two took me just about less than a month, only 3 weeks (4 hours of the week).

Book your certification

This is a thing that could appear to be insignificant in spite of the fact that it helps a great deal since it causes you to have cutoff times, and power you to design your examination hours. For my situation, after I completed the Quests I got a discount of $25 code to buy the test so the last value was $100 also this code fills in as a link to demonstrate you are achieving the goal so make sure to do it.

Coursera Specialization

For the second month, Google allowed me Architecting a month with Specialization for Google Compute Engine, this understands 6 courses from various subjects, not all identified with the test, however, I propose completing all since It gives you more active experience (likewise incorporate more Qwiklabs) and a decent hypothetical information required for the regular work. Completion of complete courses took me around a month and again I emphatically recommend to finish particularly the last course where you'll build up a total cloud application.

Google recommends these three fundamental resources, from my perspective they are not really enough so I might want to supplement my own understanding.

Preparation to complete the certification

Positively, I pursue the three recommendations from Google, and supplement it with this:

  • Purchase the official book (Google gives a discount of 20% to get it). The book has great hypothetical data, real tests like practices exercise, questions, all based on the educational program arranged for the test.
  • Give the test, you don't have to pay or reserve anything simply enter and start responding.
  • Look at the official documentation especially to comprehend the methods of pricing and the good procedures from Google for real issues.
  • Practice! Google grant you credits of $300 for Google Cloud Platform so you could approach a complete range of the products, and more, it has a complimentary tier. That is an extraordinary chance to explore a complete range of products.

With this data by the third month, I was prepared for the test.

And now something about the exam

Some fascinating things about the test are:

  • Take as much time as is needed you have 2 hours (trust me is exact to response all and a few minutes to confirm a few) with total 50 questions to answer (the greater part of them are situations where you have to make sense of the best choices utilizing Google Cloud Platform products).
  • The result is not indicated quickly, you need to hold up between 1 to 10 days.
  • You need to take face to face in a test center that is approved by Google.
  • Your score does not show in the result.


All the hard work pays off so when I get the result was a huge satisfaction.

Read Google cloud cheat sheet to learn GCP basics and techniques.

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