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  1. Cloud Computing: Everything you need to know

    Cloud Computing: Everything you need to know

    This blog post is a continuation of our cloud computing series. Let’s see what more there is to learn about cloud computing. So today, we’ll cover how the concept of cloud computing evolved, what are the different types of cloud services, the advantages, and disadvantages of cloud computing. Let’s get started.

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  2. Cloud Computing tips and tricks

    Cloud Computing tips and tricks

    While cloud computing guarantees an innovative, cost-effective and collaborative solution to the new technical business arena, it can be overwhelming. Entrepreneurs and small businesses want to sign-up to the big leagues and go for cloud computing while big tycoons are considering cloud computing to bring exponential growth to their growing business. The plethora of choices, service providers and tech jargon can throw one-off track, and it seems like there is so much to cover. Let’s see how we can help you learn cloud computing technology with insights.

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  3. Cloud Computing Trends 2019 and onwards

    Cloud Computing Trends 2019 and onwards

    Cloud computing's latest trends are booming, and ever-evolving technology is incorporating new trends every quarter. The cloud computing technology helps out businesses by improving and enhancing the application scalability, vision, and services, allowing to achieve more with less. The reduced costs allow small businesses to reach out to a broader share of the market and progress more while huge tycoons can progress and help boom their every growing business. As the latest cloud computing trends require less maintenance and have serverless integrations, the total support, maintenance and upgrade costs have reduced bringing in a shift and room for new technologies.

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  4. AWS vs. Azure vs. Google: Cloud Wars 2020

    AWS vs. Azure vs. Google: Cloud Wars 2020

    The world has stepped into the digital age. The wars are based on information and technology. Now the competition is on progression. Remember the Lord Varys? Well, today’s age is for characters of his build and the wittiest. Much like all arenas, the cloud wars are about to start. Google has been silent and has been lagging behind AWS and Azure, but recently Thomas Kurain, the current Google Cloud Platform CEO, announced an aggressive approach of excelling in the GCP’s market shares. Although cloud computing is not a new concept and many players are in the race, but there are always few who are in the front lines. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are these members of the cloud computing race.

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  5. How Cloud Computing Is Benefiting Your Organization?

    How Cloud Computing Is Benefiting Your Organization?

    In today’s age, a businesses’ fate is determined in seconds. The second of how easily accessible it is to its consumers. From food delivery to the entertainment industry and stock market, the information and availability is the key. Being 24/7 available and offering services in remote, diverse geographical locations wasn’t possible until cloud computing. Now the competition is ever-growing and ever available. In this war of business stocks, let’s see how cloud computing can benefit your organization.

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  6. Top 5 Cloud Computing Certifications

    Top 5 Cloud Computing Certifications

    It’s a universal fact that knowledge is power. Today’s industry is versatile, and in the global village, survival is for the wittiest. Being a cloud computing professional doesn’t require you to be a computer graduate or to crunch code. Just like a project manager, you need analytical skills and the IT field will welcome you with open arms. I’m not saying it doesn’t involve hard work and doesn’t involve having the technical foundations, of course, it does, but it’s forgiving for the newbies. Below is a list of the top five cloud computing certifications, so hop on the success train. Like Simon says, you always start with why. You might be asking the million-dollar question already. 

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  7. Top 10 Cloud Computing Influencers To Follow In 2019 And Onwards

    Top 10 Cloud Computing Influencers To Follow In 2019 And Onwards

    Cloud computing isn’t a new concept. Dating back to the 1960s, but it has become a buzzword in the field of IT. The 20th century bought a revolution in the IT field and finally, we had enough bandwidth to bring cloud computing to the masses. The cloud support and services continue to advance as the day progresses. The services are becoming versatile, and the cheaper, the cloud penetrating and facilitating every other industry. As the cloud market increases, cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce continue to research and strive to facilitate the emerging needs and start new trends.

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  8. What Is Cloud Computing, And How Does The Cloud Work?

    What Is Cloud Computing, And How Does The Cloud Work?

    Either you’re techy or an explorer in the information technology, you’ve landed on the correct piece. “Cloud” computing or “cloud” is the new growth industry in IT. So this is the first article in our “learn cloud computing” series. It’s not a relatively new idea but here to stay. So let’s start our journey to learn cloud computing.

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