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Introduction to Kubernetes using Docker

This course will allow you to understand as to how you can configure, manage and execture a multi-component software app in a streamlined manner.




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This course will allow you to understand as to how you can configure, manage and execture a multi-component software app in a streamlined manner.

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About this Course:

The processes of transferring, installing and running apps was revolutionized by the introduction of Dockers.

That’s because, Dockers eliminated complexity from this tasks thereby making such processes effectively stress free.

Kubernetes is now taking this whole concept even a step further. If you want to gain knowledge on how to use Kubernetes for the task of containerizing your apps, then you should definitely enroll yourself in this course.

Understand the World of Microservices

  • Learn how to install Docker and a Kubernetes cluster from the very start
  • Gain knowledge on the ways in which containers can be operated and managed successfully
  • Learn how to build Kubernetes pods, deployments and services
  • Learn how to create Docker images and setup Docker Hub from the ground up
  • Learn how to configure and execute a multi-component software application efficiently and easily

Develop, Ship and Run Applications with Ease

From newbies to experienced programmers, everyone is eligible for this course and the only requirements for enrolling in it are a stable internet connection, the facility to initiate a Google Cloud free trial account using a credit card and some knowledge of the latest tech trends.

This course will begin by introducing your to platforms such as Google Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes, covering the ways in which these platforms can be used to power solutions.

Further on in this course, an extensive explanation will be provided regarding Docker and Kubernetes to allow you to develop an understanding on they both work.

The course will take you through the whole process of utilizing Google Cloud to configure Wordpress. This task will also cover the concepts of building Docker files, images, and containers and finally the ways in which you can make your site go live.

After this, you will be made to learn how you can use replication controllers to build and run a back-end and front-end master and slave nodes with replication controllers. The replication controllers are basically apps run by Kubernetes through running a cluster of VMs.

Don’t worry even if all this sounds complex, because our course will ensure that you don’t miss on any important learning by providing you with each explanation in a step by step manner.

Once candidates complete this course, they will know all there is to learn about containers and the ways in which they allow you to deploy apps in a quicker manner.

Candidates will gain knowledge on both Docker and Kubernetes and be ready to use them for any aspect of their app project.

About Kubernetes and Docker

Docker is currently the top software containerization platform.

Its popularity stems from the fact that only it can put your entire app into one, integrated unit with no discrepancies between containers and then convert this into a fully a complete file system that possess everything to make a server function flawlessly. 

While Dockers helps create containerized apps, Kubernetes has been developed by Google to allow you to run tasks like deployment, scaling and operating of these apps in an automated and integrated manner.

When you know how to leverage each of these tools, you will have absolutely no difficult when you need to transport, configure or run your apps from anywhere.

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Subjects Cloud Computing
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Modality Self-Paced Learning
Learning Type Course
Difficulty Beginner
Duration 5 Hours
Language English


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Adrian des Rotours
(Tech Coach)


Adrian des Rotours is an experienced Project Manager and Agile & DevOps Coach. He has over 25 years of professional experience, in various sectors of the tech and multiple industries including telecommunication. He got the following international credentials: PMP®, ITIL® Expert, DevOps Foundation & Lead (DOF™, DOL™), Scrum Master & Scrum Coach (SMAC™, SCAC™).

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