Cyber security has become one of the fine trades on a global scale, if an IT based firm or company is going to launch a new product or software then first thing that they want to secure is their personal and financial data on-board. This encompasses the term data security and all of its volatile components because without the security of data nothing can promise the integrity of the newly designed systems and resources. Let’s start with an example to fully understand the concept of data security and why it is programmable in its own essence;

Scenario of data security within cloud, programmable or not?

When a company tries to buy new products, software and or tool then the senior management calls on the implementation and data security experts. This meeting usually focuses over how all the teams can work together and integrate these newly bought or acquainted programs or software systems. What the teams need to do is to integrate, develop, complement, regulate and configure the security standards to make sure that no breach can happen. After all of this is taken care of the next thing to do is to integrate all of these settings on to the cloud and this is where things get a little tricky as management, development and the security teams need to do their jobs side by side all at the same time.

When all of these professionals are working together, they also need to make a few compact decisions such as who get access to these newly integrated systems and whose access needs to be blocked. Therefore, certain levels of access are being constructed to configure the data security and so yes, in this particular scenario the security of data within the cloud is programmable or it seems that way. According to various set standards, rules & regulations and custom policies the essence of security and privacy should be ingrained or programmed by the help of on-board security teams. But in this particular scenario as the software wasn’t developed by the IT team and was actually bought therefore they can’t ingrain any security or privacy related settings but to add them from time to time.

Role of the defenders

This is where the services of a defender comes into the play, a defender is a cyber security expert which is tasked with ingraining the security and privacy within the newly purchased software systems and customize them accordingly with dedicated apps and systems. This is a highly complex process and takes into account high end skillset plus knowledge of cyber security along with multiple IT disciplinary approach.

The IT defenders or otherwise known as the cyber security experts will try their best to ingrain the privacy and security settings within the newly bought software system although there comes a slight hiccup there such as the software needs to be customized according to the policies and standards of the company.

Although after applying all these effects there still remains a little something that needs to be taken care of which is the customization of all third party apps, software systems and tools within the application systems. The very reason to do that is to set up the access controls and monitor who has the access to all the data and information stored within the cloud.

You must be thinking that after the integration of security and privacy within the programmable systems everything would be good to go right? But see that’s not how things work. The main reason behind this is the difficulty of the job itself. The defenders would have to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities or inconsistencies within the security infrastructure that could lead to possibility of a breach. A breach or cyber security related incident could never bring around any happy news, this is possibly the reason why IT based companies and industries go out of business and their values depraved.

On the bright side of things, the hackers and cyber criminals after gaining access to the secured interface can cause havoc. For starters, they can alter the personal as well as finical information of the employees as well as the corporation’s that is why it is considered the most ill practice there is. There can be no problems with the security infrastructure if found these problems can lead to enormous catastrophes. The hacks alone deprave the companies from a serious amount of money and these go out of business as well. So, in any given case the occurrence of these hacks or security breaches is not an option.

Building a secure bridge to secure the future of data security

There are various steps which can be brought into practice for shaping the future of the data security within the cloud and making sure that it still remains programmable while inflicting less and less prosthetics to the overall build. One of the methods that can be used to stay secure here is the use of intrusion detection. How it can help to stay secure you wonder? See for yourself.

Intrusion detection is a useful skill especially when it comes to the discovery and mitigation of the harmful cyber activity taking place over the secured networking and IT based systems for an organization or IT based corporation. As important that it may sound not many cyber security engineers or professionals have this skill or any knowledge of how this skill can be used to better secure the integrity of data stored over the secured networks.

Data protection is the main domain in which this concept is being used but still a large number of organizations still would have to find out and or instate various rules and standards for the use of such dedicated systems. On the other hand if you want to practice or want to become a data security professional within the cloud systems then it is recommended that you take on the Microsoft azure developer training online as it would help you develop the right skills for the job.