Cloud computing isn’t just about storing your data remotely anymore. In recent times, its importance to businesses has grown manifold due to the multiple, emerging innovations that are being offered in this realm.

Whether you want to run a successful DevOps project or containerize your applications via Kubernetes, your team will need to have a firm grasp on the underlying technologies that run cloud services.

Understanding this growing need, many institutes have started offering their own customized cloud computing courses in specialized or generalized niches. These courses can equip you to deal with the challenges that characterize modern-day cloud computing but with so many options available, how can you possibly choose the best cloud computing course that aligns with your needs perfectly?

Don’t worry, as we have done the research for you!

Here is the list of the best cloud computing courses available out there that are highly comprehensive and offer advanced insights:

AWS Fundamentals – Going Cloud Native – Coursera:

Amazon Web Services is one of the most important platforms to know about in cloud computing these days and this course will allow you to develop a firm grip on the fundamentals related to the platform.

Available on Coursera, the AWS Fundamentals – Going Cloud Native course is very easy to pursue. Its spread over a total of 5 weeks and comprises of different study materials like videos and reading guides. Tests are conducted on each level through quizzes which are necessary to pass on to the next level.

The syllabus will offer you a complete rundown on all the major aspects of AWS including infrastructure & compute services, networking & storage, databases, monitoring & scaling and finally security and cost management.

Course instructors are highly trained technical personnel comprising of profiles like Allen Goldberg, Blaine Sundrud and Morgan Willis.

Moreover, Coursera’s certificates are highly credible so you know that what you are learning is authorized to work on the AWS Platform.

Once you pass this course, the platform offers more specialized courses on AWS like its AWS Fundamentals series which can give you even more specific info on things like how to build serverless applications, address security risk, etc.

You can enroll for free, but this is a paid course.

Cloud Computing Micromasters Program by University of Maryland:

If you are an IT professional looking forward to advancing your career, this course can help you set the ball rolling in the right direction. The Cloud Computing MicroMasters Program is a specialized course being offered by the University of Maryland that covers all aspects related to cloud technologies.

This is a long haul program requiring a total of 32 weeks of investment in terms of time to complete it. Candidates will be required to fully complete 4 different courses throughout the duration of the program involving 8-10 hours of learning each week.

The coursework offered to you in this program will enable you to fully understand different cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, OpenStack etc, gain knowledge of service platforms like IaaS, PaaS etc, learn to pursue a successful adoption and migration of a cloud project, leverage them for maximum business efficiency and how to keep track of compliance and legal issues.

Instructors will primarily come from the University of Maryland’s faculty along with top experts from the field.

But the best part here is that, once you complete the course, you will be 1/3 of your way through with credits required to gain a full Master’s degree in cloud computing architecture from the University of Maryland.

The cost of the course is currently $896.40, to be settled as a one-time payment.

Training Programs by Cloud Institute:

Most cloud computing courses out there often alienate their learning material to just developing an understanding of cloud-related aspects with no connection to business goals. This makes it difficult for candidates to apply coursework in real-life environments.

However, Training Programs by Cloud Institute align with most modern business goals related to cloud deployments just about perfectly. Enrolling in its courses will enable you to accelerate cloud transformations, increase your ROI and achieve reduced deployment times.

These training programs follow a very different trajectory than other courses being offered in the market currently.

The Cloud Workforce Readiness Platform by Cloud Institute will allow you to identify, rate and end the competency gap in your workforce that is stopping you from achieving your business goals.

You will get real-time learning recommendations based on your team’s personal needs and Cloud Institute’s vast library of certifications and training courses will help fulfill each one of them.

Amazon, HP, Intel, Visa, Bank of America & Starbucks are consistent users of the platform and use it to impart training to their teams by using the optimized, adaptive learning tools offered by Cloud Institute.

From Kubernetes Fundamentals to delivering a data warehouse, Cloud Institute won’t disappoint you in servicing the kind of course your team needs urgently to fill up the void.

They have plans for individual certifications as well as full-fledged team solutions.

Wrapping Things Up:

A successful cloud computing-based learning experience should be able to impart technical knowledge as well as allowing the individual to understand how to use a particular thing to power top-notch results in live environments.

Cloud computing can definitely be learned through on job experience and exposure to its utilities. But through certifications, you ensure that you are up to pace with the latest developments in the field and are not missing out on anything.

This roundup of top cloud computing courses zeroed in on only the best in the business right now, allowing you to make the decisions on which one to opt for quicker and in a re-assured manner.

Learn more about them by going to their sites and reading up on them and do mention which one you opted for and how well it helped your team grow.