Cloud computing can be intimidating and to cover up everything regarding cloud computing can be quite daunting but it's not impossible. You can learn anything or everything about cloud computing but you may lack conveying what you know and that's the key part when it comes to a cloud computing job interview. Therefore, we have come up with interview questions and answers regarding the cloud job. We will clarify every unctuous question that is piling up in your mind to let you have a better grip on cloud computing. Let's dive straight into those questions.

Cloud Computing Interview Q/A

We hope that by the end of this Q/A, you will be more clarified about cloud computing and ace your job interview.

  1. What is meant by Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the type of technological advancement which helps the users to connect to a whole globe by accessing several servers. Cloud computing finishes up the job for the users according to their needs and requirements.

  1. What is meant by the term 'cloud'?

 A cloud consists of several networks aggregated with services, hardware, interfaces, and storage that work in unison to provide the required services of computing. A cloud functions with the help of 3 operators such as:

  • Business Management workers
  • Providers of Cloud Service
  • End users
  1. Name the kinds of layers that are used for Cloud Architecture.

The several kinds of layers used for cloud architecture are mentioned below:

  • Walrus
  • Cloud Controller or CLC
  • Node Controller or NC
  • Storage Controller or SC
  • Cluster Controller
  1. State the Benefits of Cloud Computing.

The prolific advantages of using cloud computing are stated below:

  • It can back up the whole data and it also manages to store it as well.
  • It has some robust capabilities of using different kinds of servers.
  • It can prove to be quite cost-productive and it helps in saving time.
  • It has special software to perform services known as SaaS (Software as Service)
  • It can augment the rate of productivity.
  1. What kinds of data are in demand for Cloud Computing?

Technology is making progressive success at a very fast pace and thus; there is a lot of data that must be managed and stored properly. Cloud computing uses a number of types of data for the proper storage namely; blogs, emails, images, videos, contacts, etc. Take an example of storing a video in the right compartment, for this storage you will require a separate type of data.

  1. State the different platforms used for cloud computing on a large scale.

Cloud computing has no boundaries but in the case of cloud computing on a large scale, two tenets come in handy such as:

  • MapReduce
  • Apache Hadoop
  1. What is meant by SaaS?

SaaS referred to as Software as Service and it functions as one of the most important layers of cloud computing. Just as Google allows you to create as well as save a certain document, this layer of cloud computing helps you to do the same.

  1. What is meant by on-demand Functionality and how does it facilitate the users of cloud computing?

On-demand functionality is a kind of access to a number of virtualized and realistic resources of Information Technology. These aligned resources are accessed by a 'shared pool'. This shared consists of applications, servers, services, storage, and networks.

  1. Define a cloud deployment model. How many kinds of deployment models of Cloud Computing are known?

A could deployment model is defined as the site of a specific infrastructure which is vested in a particular deployment and it also reveals who has total control over such organization. There are several kinds of model of deployment which are mentioned below:

  • Public Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  1. Differentiate between Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing and mobile computing may exhibit a little bit of similarity because the concept on which mobile computing operates, is officially the concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing uses several servers to grasp the required data whereas mobile computing has those applications which allow its users to manage and store the data by running on a remote server.

  1. What are the platform databases for the open-source of Cloud Computing?

There are three kinds of such sources namely:

  • CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • LucidDB
  1. State the benefits of security of Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing has several security benefits but the most primary is the authorization of an application, thus; it is being used in the management of identity. Whenever another user tries to gain access to a specific system or a server, it asks for permission from the existing user to avoid breaching.

  1. Differentiate between traditional datacenters and cloud.

Traditional datacenters cost more than the cloud and the efficiency of these datacenters is much lower than the cloud. Moreover, traditional datacenters have hardware and software problems together with some overheating concerns.

  1. How can you secure data during its transportation in Cloud?

Security or leaking of the data is the biggest concern when one file is transported from one place to another. To make sure that all of your data remains secure, you must ensure that the encryption key of the data must be in contact with the data. In this way, whenever there's a leak, you'll know.

  1. The operating system of Window azure provides several resources. Name them.

This is operating System provides three main resources such as:

  • Storage
  • Calculate
  • Administration

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