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Top 7 Cloud Computing Companies in 2020 You Should Approach

Top 7 Cloud Computing Companies in 2020 You Should Approach

Cloud computing has reached a point where it is being cherished by a lot of potential customers and the race to migrate to the cloud systems has gone crazy. With the advancements in technology and the overhauling presence of cloud computing and the ease of access that it puts forth, cloud computing adoption has become a big thing. Enterprises, industrial elements, businesses, and digital environments are all shifting their interests to the cloud structures.

On-premise data systems were the only thing that had been making all those tech companies sustainable all these years but with the introduction of cloud computing and the benefits that it provides, cloud adoption has come around a solid option for business enterprises. That is the same reason why you would find plenty of different competitors out there all ready to outsource their cloud computing resources to the clients for a favorable price. This ongoing boom of cloud adoption has made the competition so fierce that there are probably hundreds of cloud computing companies out there.

But out of all these, the most fierce and with a top-notch infrastructure are listed as follows:

Amazon web services

AWS is Amazon's ultimate cloud computing platform that provides customers with everything that they can ever dream of. It provides unbeatable scalability, agility, and cloud storage related options which a user has the liberty of choosing from according to their precise enterprise-related requirements. You can lend any volume of infrastructure from the cloud using which you can easily develop and deploy your apps in real-time. Some of the most pristine features include;

  • Convenient sign-in process
  • Fast deployments
  • Easier management of all the cloud resources rendered
  • Access to the effectively limitless capacity
  • Customized billing options for remote clientele
  • Per hour billing and hybrid cloud computing elements are also available


The cloud computing environment developed by Kamatera is similar to a real server, the only difference is that it operates in a virtual environment that makes it highly cost-effective and flexible, to begin with. this cloud computing platform issues a pay as you use a type of payment model which is more acclimated with the ever-changing needs of the remote enterprises. Following is a list of features provided by this provider;

  • VPS hosting is customized and tailored according to the very requirements of the clients
  • Scalability is also of the essence here, it allows the clients to quickly deploy firewalls, private networks, storage units, along with a bunch of different tools such as; Docker, CPanel, Jenkins, and WordPress to begin with.
  • Per month and per day billing support available
  • 24/7 human tech support
  • 30 days trial is available with the starter pack

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There are not plenty of options available in the market that offers SSD-based storage at relatively cost-effective prices and if you have been finding for these options then you have come to the right place because Linode can make that happen for you. A very aspiring and dedicated feature provided by Linode is the cloning feature. This special feature allows you to clone up things, apps, and other varietals in a matter of seconds so that you can apply the same configurations to other Linode based servers. You can choose your own server location as there are about 11 different data centers that can be accessed via Linode.


If you are a complete beginner and not very good with cPanel or other dashboard management systems for the sake of running or managing your website then this is the perfect cloud computing platform for you. LiquidWeb allows you to build and launch websites without the need for learning about CPanel or other such specific items.


  • Manage your sites quickly and effortlessly
  • Host unlimited apps and sites using a single account
  • Doesn’t require any server management skill
  • Can be easily integrated with WordPress


When it comes to saving yourself a fortune on hosting then Vultr should be your ultimate choice, not only because it is cost-effective but also provides you with a multitude of hosting options, to begin with. Vultr allows the customers with connectivity over 16 data centers around the world covering America, Asia, Europe, and other important parts of the globe as well.


  • Bring automation into your business with the help of Vultr API
  • SSD backed redundant and extremely potent storage system
  • Provides with dedicated cloud compute instances


DigitalOcean without any doubt is the most dedicated and compatible choice for the developers because it provides developer-friendly options and easing up everything for them provides easy and compatible deployment options.


  • Allows you to deploy your custom made image with just a single click
  • You can deploy your website in a dedicated way by having access to almost 8 different datacenters
  • You can choose either standard or performance plans based on your current business requirements


With the extreme availability of the SSD based storage, 10-gigabyte internet connection, and low latency locations to conduct as your dedicated data centers, you would be pooling in extreme bandwidth that ensures a steady uptime to you at all times.


  • Helps you to achieve the complete control and dedicated flexibility that you always have wanted over your cloud-based environment
  • Allows you to mix and manage all of your SSD and magnetic storage
  • Has various compliance-oriented certifications for optimum performance and efficient functioning through and through

If you want to secure a pleasant and long-lasting career then undergoing a distinct cloud computing certification can be a great shot for you to being with. It would allow you to learn distinct skills using which you can land a pretty decent job and start building your career right away.  

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