It’s a universal fact that knowledge is power. Today’s industry is versatile, and in the global village, survival is for the wittiest. Being a cloud computing professional doesn’t require you to be a computer graduate or to crunch code. Just like a project manager, you need analytical skills and the IT field will welcome you with open arms. I’m not saying it doesn’t involve hard work and doesn’t involve having the technical foundations, of course, it does, but it’s forgiving for the newbies. Below is a list of the top five cloud computing certifications, so hop on the success train. Like Simon says, you always start with why. You might be asking the million-dollar question already. 

Cloud Computing Certification: Why?

It’s a no brainer that it’s one of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry. Keep your eyes on the prize. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average of a cloud architect’s salary is $154,150/year. Pretty impressive, eh? Guess what? This trend started at $88,000 and is expected to be continued to $225,500! Do I have your attention yet? Great, so let’s dig into the top cloud computing certifications.

Cloud Computing Certification: Which?

Addressing the second “w” of “which,” each certification allows it’s professionals to be top of their own tier. Each certification covers a specific technology and excelling in one is what you should be focused on right now. 




(Number of ) Exams


Expected Salary

AWS Solutions Architect



$160 USD ( $20 for preparation exam)

$132,840 USD

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect


Exam AZ-300

Exam AZ-301

$330 USD

$146,674 USD

IBM Certified Architect –Cloud Solutions v3


C1000-017 - IBM Cloud Solutions Architect v3

~$300 USD

$140,783 USD

Salesforce Technical Architect



Domain Architect

$400 USD

$136,515 USD

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect



$200 USD

$164,000 USD

Cloud Computing Certification: How?

AWS Solutions Architect

The AWS Solutions Architect, as its name suggests, is an individual who has hands on the AWS services and platforms. The criteria to get this certification is to demonstrate that you can manage the AWS architecture and successfully deploy applications over various technologies of AWS. The key idea is to maintain the best practices throughout the project lifecycle scaling the application as per the customers’ needs. AWS offered online training and paid practice exams. The exams are available in various languages and are paid. The recommended knowledge to take these exams is to prepare to align oneself with analyzing the requirements of the customer better and finding the best fit of the AWS services and applications. The professional is expected to have a keen eye on how the AWS services can mesh into the traditional services and how the best workaround can be found, maintaining and following the standards set by AWS.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

The Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect is expected to find the best fit for the customer’s applications’ needs using Azure technologies to network, secure and store. The certification is based on a two-step exam program. The exams follow a specific criterion to measure how well the applicant can deploy the Azure services to implement efficient workload management while maintaining the security and integrity of the applications making effective use of the Azure cloud and storage services. The second exam is to assess how well the architect can lay the foundation of the complete development cycle to better utilize the resources, work, storage, network, deployments, and infrastructure. The certification is paid available with self-preparation and instructed preparation models. The individuals can learn at their own pace or follow Microsoft offered courses to ace the exams.

IBM Certified Architect –Cloud Solutions v3

This certification offered by IBM covers from the basics of cloud computing to finding individuals how to know their way around the IBM technologies and cloud services. Although it’s a single exam, but the applicants are expected to have a working knowledge of the clouds and must be familiar with the IBM cloud service concepts, services, the architectural principles, infrastructures, storage practices and solutions, patterns and requirements. This exam is in the English language only, and a sample preparation example is available for easy practice. The applicants are examined how familiar they are with the basic concepts of IBM cloud and cloud computing itself. Furthermore, they are assessed based on different real market scenarios to analyze which cloud solutions are best according to the applications’ needs and their plan of choice. This goes hand in hand on how knowledgeable they are of the IBM technologies to make sure they make the perfect fit. The next step is to design and finalize a cloud architecture for the application, the technologies required, the cloud model (private or public or perhaps hybrid cloud?). The architects are also examined if they are up to speed with the blockchain technology solutions offered by IBM and are aligned with the IoT and AI solutions emerging every day.

Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce Technical Architect certification is a pyramid, a treacherous mountain, and only the best make it to the top. The salesforce certification pyramid has several mountain basecamps. The individual must have robust design and development foundations. Hand in hand, they must be an excellent data manager, must be able to design an application architecture fit for requirements. The criteria are the same as for the other certifications, but this only leads the architects in the circle. To climb up, the individual must have a Salesforce Application Architect and System Architect certifications. Well, all that is good and pure is far, hidden and reserved for few. The elite then tries for the top and can apply for the Technical Architect certification. This cloud computing certification is grilling, but if you’re the big-time business investor, won’t you like your commander in chief to be rough and bad a**?  Someone who would know what and why they are deciding and foresee all they need to take you to the top.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Google is the noun that has successfully made itself a verb. LOL, let me explain. Have you ever so casually said, “just google it!” Yup, what you meant was search it, but you are so used to getting the solutions from Google that you used Google as a verb. Your mind didn’t even consider using the primary verb. Freaky, no? Well, apart from our search solutions, Google cloud certified individuals are present to provide the best solutions as per the application needs using Google cloud services. To be that Specter (yeah, we both know whom I referenced here), you need to be trained for “Architecting with Google Compute Engine” and “Preparing for the Professional Cloud Examination.” Google provides practice exams and additional exams, as well. Being versatile, the Google exam is offered in four languages and is two hours long. Head to Google cloud to rock the world and bring new arenas of innovations to the emerging cloud computing solutions.