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Programming Language

  1. Why Linux is the best option for programmers?

    Why Linux is the best option for programmers?

    Categories: Linux , Programming Language
    Linus has been around as long as Windows has been but even then the number of users for Windows is staggeringly more than there are Linux users. But then again Windows is a stretched up operating system that is being used by a number of people for business and personal use, enterprises use it, schools and universities use it, and even so it is also being used in the Industrial sector. But as long as Linux is concerned it has got a special case usage that means it only has a special audience such as coders and programmers and people that are associated with penetration testing or cloud computing use Linux terminal more intensively than they are to use any other operating system.
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  2. Building Serverless Mobile Applications with React Native & AWS

    Building Serverless Mobile Applications with React Native & AWS

    Categories: Programming Language , AWS
    When it comes to deal with the complications of building applications that serve dynamic roles in the world of IT, the idea of serverless applications is never out of question. Serverless applications are rather complicated to build but provide with various crucial benefits in the long run. Whatever might be the motive to develop or work on these applications the afterthought and benefits always get the best of organizations.
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  3. Programming Patterns and Tools for Cloud Computing

    Programming Patterns and Tools for Cloud Computing

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Programming Language
    Cloud technology has changed the way internet used to work, today we are more connected than ever and even more secured. Businesses can better take care of the workload and companies can scale up and scale down as they require, all thanks to cloud computing. But have we ever stopped ourselves to observe such as how this fundamental technology works, what are the driving components behind it? OR how we can better accommodate cloud technology according to our requirements using a variety of tools. This article specifically focuses on the cloud programming patterns and tools that encompass today's cloud technology and how to better adapt ourselves to it;
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