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  1. Linux Command Cheat Sheet

    Linux Command Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Linux , Cheat Sheet
    Linux is a group of open-sourced operating systems. About 90% of public clouds operate using Linux and about 70% of all smart phones are based on Linux. This makes Linux essential to learn if you plan or currently work in cloud infrastructure, supercomputers, smart phone development or another area that relies on Linux. The following Linux command cheat sheet may prove useful when refreshing your memory on certain commands.
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    How to Change Directory Permissions in Linux

    Categories: DevOps , Linux
    LINUX is a clone of UNIX; a multi-user operating system where multiple users can use at the same time. When you run a ls command, no file protection information is provided to you since, by default, ‘ls’ just list file names. By using “option” with the “ls” command, you can get more details. All the options start with a ‘-‘.
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  3. Why Linux is the best option for programmers?

    Why Linux is the best option for programmers?

    Categories: Linux , Programming Language
    Linus has been around as long as Windows has been but even then the number of users for Windows is staggeringly more than there are Linux users. But then again Windows is a stretched up operating system that is being used by a number of people for business and personal use, enterprises use it, schools and universities use it, and even so it is also being used in the Industrial sector. But as long as Linux is concerned it has got a special case usage that means it only has a special audience such as coders and programmers and people that are associated with penetration testing or cloud computing use Linux terminal more intensively than they are to use any other operating system.
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  4.   Linux and DevOps: The Most Suitable Distribution

    Linux and DevOps: The Most Suitable Distribution

    Categories: DevOps , Linux
    The idea of DevOps which is more like methodology than being a process working with Linux (independent open-source operating system) is kind of riveting and thought-provoking for all digital enterprises out there. DevOps and Linux have many things in common such as both focus on the functional part of things and offer stable customizability to the developers and cloud practitioners.
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