Amazon seems to be the topmost valued and widely traded organization within the globe, providing every single thing from e-commerce to the services of the cloud. The cloud-related services of Amazon-Web-Services (A-W-S) seem to be the topmost distinguished cloud-computing service - which is being utilized by organizations and businesses - all over the globe. However, ranging from a supply of the content to the relocation of databases, Amazon Web Service has certainly turned out to be a 1-stop resolution for so many organizations.

It is also best suitable for those organizations that are in a look of ways to keep running their businesses progress more virtually. Because a great number of organizations and businesses are making use of AWS on account to run every aspect of their dealings, the career prospects for the experts of cloud computing are rising. All the same, this is the reason the ones - who are in a search of upgrading their careers in Information Technology along with cloud-computing are following the AWS credentials such as AWS Solution Architect certification.

A-W-S Solutions - Architect

One of the major tasks of A-W-S Solutions-Architect is to keep deploying apps to the substructure in the Amazon-Web-Service cloud. However, cutting the prices seems one of the major causes, particularly as they do not require keeping investing in the on-premises substructure. It seems quite simple, isn’t it be?  It is not working in a lot of cases; go and inquire about the previous user who got a shock once they got their most initial bill. Though this is the phase where the role of Amazon Web Service Solutions Architects starts.

All the same, they must make such a kind of design - which is minimizing the costs as well as find out other critical aspects such as usability, performance, consistency, and flexibility. Moreover, the AWS Solutions Architects are accountable for minimizing the risks that a company might deal with, such as data-breaches, errors in the calculations, and even app interruption risks. Though this needs a comprehensive knowledge of the ways to get fitted the entire pieces within the A-W-S cloud to generate the topmost safest cloud setting ever possible.

Thus, it seems to be the most demanding certification among other AWS certificates. Above all, demanding jobs are typically fetching high pay; an approximated income for the holders of A-W-S Solutions Architects would be around 127,670 US dollars. However, that is a noteworthy stimulus for those - who are seeking to get their foot into this amazing career.

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AWS Solution Architect Exam Essentials and Cost

On the other hand, intending to get a certification, you need to pass the Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect - Associate-level exam. However, these are a few of the crucial aspect regarding the exam and cost:

  • The examination score is ranging from a hundred to a thousand marks, while the minimum score to pass the exam is 720. However, passing marks would be determined by making use of statistical analysis that refers to the fact that they would be modified depends upon the difficulty of an exam.
  • The entire price of the examination of Amazon Web Service Solutions - Architect - Associate certification examination is nearly 150 US dollars. Moreover, a person would also get enrolled in a practicing exam - which price is $20. For that exam - which is expert-level, the cost would be 300 US dollars.
  • The entire exam takes 130 minutes, and it encompasses 2-kinds of questions: multiple answers and MCQs.
  • You have an option to take the exam in other languages as well

Benefits of AWS Certificate

These are the advantages of AWS certification.

  • AWS Certificate assists any expert to show their technical skills and upgrade their prosperous career
  • It assists organizations in finding out proficient cloud experts.
  • AWS certificate permits you to authenticate your technical level of knowledge and abilities.
  • Assists to attain accessibility towards the Amazon Web Service Certified LinkedIn-Community.
  • Allowing a person to obtain the most innovative knowledge regarding their domain
  • Having the certification of AWS would be opening the doors for so many opportunities, it permits you to enhance your confidence
  • You would authenticate your knowledge and expertise within the distinguished cloud computing framework.
  • Assists you to show reliability and enthusiasm towards your cloud-computing career pathway.
  • It offers accessibility to the network of similar thinking co-workers and Amazon Web Service thought-frontrunners.
  • Allowing a person to leverage the Amazon Web Service shared safety accountability model.

Who Should Take the AWS Solutions Architect?

All the same, AWS is recommending that any person can get enrolled in the A-W-S - Solutions - Architect examination have a minimum of one year of experience - in any of the architecting fields. On the other side, you are not required to become an AWS architect on account to get enrolled in the examination. Indeed, the certificate of Solutions Architect would be the best stepping stone in the role of an architect; with the relevant expertise. Thus, to clear the exam of Solutions Architect and career progression, the significance of practical experience might not be considered.

On the other side, the admins of systems, networking engineers, or else experts might get an advantage to study the Solutions-Architect certificate. Amazon Web Service that’s an addition of a hundred plus cloud services - which assists organizations by offering them an influence to compute. All and above, they also keep their safety of the storage, databases, and a lot of different services that would not be afforded by them being a company. Furthermore, AWS launched this examination mainly for the admins of cloud as well as cloud developers.

However, the A-W-S Solutions - Architect certificate would be utilized to authenticate skills as well as learn the newest skills too. Overall more options for the job were approachable for the experts of AWS as compared to the professionals of Google - Cloud - Platform (GCP) or Azure.  Furthermore, according to the research, it claims that there’s a noteworthy lack of skilled experts who works in AWS. This point refers to the fact that this is the best time to attain a certification and take an initiative in your prospective career within the field of cloud computing.


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