How Good Is AWS as a Career Choice?

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Learn about the most common AWS technical roles and the benefits of making the time to earn AWS certifications.

Launched on March 19, 2006, Amazon Web Services or simply AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that gives on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to people, organizations, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. These distributed computing web services give a lot of primitive obscure technical infrastructure and cloud computing building blocks and tools.

AWS's version of virtual computer copies the majority of the traits of a real computer, including CPUs and GPUs for processing; local/RAM; hard-disk/SSD storage; a variety of working frameworks; networking; and pre-loaded application software, for example, web servers, databases, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering more than 175 fully-featured services from data centers all around the world. Many clients including rapidly developing start-ups, largest companies, and many government organizations are using AWS to bring down costs, become more agile, and innovate quicker.

Scope of AWS experts

Being an AWS certified opens many opportunities for landing a good, and high-paying career. It grows credibility, that will help you grow in your career.

1. AWS Cloud Architect

AWS Cloud Architect directly connects with engineers just as customers, providing an interface with partners and technical management. The cloud architect supplies lead implementation efforts and technical architectures ensuring that the interspersion of new technologies is being adopted.

2. Cloud Software Engineer

If you are a software engineer programming in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++ there is an incredible possibility to grow a profession with Amazon Web Services. Your ability to design, develop,

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3. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are responsible for the development of software applications and solutions for enterprises. With significant experience in software development and some knowledge of the AWS platform, you can apply for different AWS roles. Also, AWS certification will help you bring your career one level up as a cloud developer.

Cloud engineers are answerable for the advancement of software applications and solutions for companies. With notable experience in software development and some information about the AWS platform, you can apply for various AWS jobs. Moreover, AWS certification will benefit you by bringing your profession one level up as a cloud developer.

4. Cloud DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is somebody who has expertise skills beyond development in network operations and system deployment. Hence, various skills with profound information and hands-on experience on the AWS platform can open up different opportunities for jobs. Additionally, if you have approved your skills with AWS certification, your odds of finding a job related to AWS almost doubles.

AWS shares in the market

Amazon reported Amazon Web Services' income of $9.95 billion for Q4 2019, contrasted with $7.4 billion for Q4 2018. AWS income increased more than 30% in the quarter, compared with a year sooner.

Across the business, Amazon's quarterly sales grew to $87.4 billion, beating expectations of $86.02 billion. AWS has been a large contributor to this growth. AWS income made up 11% of all the Amazon sales for the quarter. AWS just keeps on growing, and bolster the retail giant on numerous occasions.

Benefits of opting career on AWS cloud

There are numerous benefits of opting for a career on the AWS cloud. Some of them are listed below:

1. Increased credibility

Having a certification in AWS will not only increase your knowledge about cloud services but also improve your credibility. Gaining credentials will open more doors of opportunities for you.

2. More job opportunities

If you're an AWS Certified professional or a fresher, it will bring you a lot of job opportunities in AWS-related projects.

3. Improved skills

Having an AWS certification helps you to develop your skillset and reduce the risks when implementing an AWS project.

4. Higher pay

AWS is the highest paying certification list in the US. It doesn't mean that every AWS certified is highly paid. Higher pay comes with a high skill set.

5. More market demand

With AWS being the highest rated certification these days, having an AWS certification will earn you a great deal of demand in the IT market and will bring you new opportunities and increase your odds of getting employed.

6. Up to date knowledge

While trying to achieve the certifications or staying up to date with the domain, you generally keep up-to-date. Since you are also required to maintain the certification with the help of bi-yearly checkpoints you have to take. In the event that, you need to go one step further, you can always qualify for another certification and be one of the few AWS qualified experts.

7. Bragging rights

AWS certification showcase that you have what it takes that lone an absolute technology enthusiast can accomplish as a result of the interest and devotion to the field. In this way, it demonstrates that you have a gift to learn and great enthusiasm about your subject.

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