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  1. A Beginner's Guide to Azure File Storage

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Azure
    When dealing with cloud computing the term cloud storage generally comes up, and the intention of that term is to relate with the process of storing media and other data files on a dedicated cloud-based storage system or directory. Within this decade, numerous cloud computing vendors have sprung up and taken the radar, which is cloud computing market by storm. There are AWS, Google cloud platform and of course, the Azure cloud systems.
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  2. How to Do Effective Cost Management for AWS, GCP, and Azure

    How to Do Effective Cost Management for AWS, GCP, and Azure

    Categories: Cloud Computing , AWS , Azure , Google Cloud
    An organization utilizes the three most important technologies namely; AWS, GCP, and Azure for a large number of functions. All of these systems are essential to change the face of organizations and to mold them into something better. However, with all three of these technologies working, the cost associated with them also reaches the sky limit.
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  3. Azure SDK Basics

    Azure SDK Basics: Learn Everything

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Azure
    When it comes to using all the resources and the computing power a cloud provider has to offer, most developers are seen confused. Most of them only know a handful of languages and tools and can't seem to work with those provided by the cloud itself. The very reason is the limitations in terms of using that specific software or tool and the feeling of being comfortable while working with what they know. SDK or software development kit is the ultimate solution that is directed to solve this very issue for the developers. It is a customizable interface that allows the developers to choose various elements for developing the software system.
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  4. Connect Azure to Power BI: A Comprehensive Guide

    Connect Azure to Power BI: A Comprehensive Guide

    Categories: Business Productivity , Azure
    Today's generation has witnessed a wide range of technologies in the last years but only a few gathered much attention since their production and one such technology is Azure. Since then, people are engaging in Azure to carry out a large number of functions which would otherwise be impossible to learn. The services of Azure has remained at the top of the list due to their efficiency and effectiveness.
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  5. Azure DevOps Cheat Sheet

    Azure DevOps Cheat Sheet

    Categories: DevOps , Azure , Cheat Sheet
    Microsoft Azure DevOps is the combination of operations and development to help teams work together efficiently in order to create value to the customer. Some of the practices involved in this application lifecycle include continuous delivery, continuous integration, agile planning and monitoring of applications. By lifecycle, we mean the creation of applications, tracing it from beginning to end. It’s a difficult endeavor, but DevOps achieves it through its extensive and proven strategies to help your team move along smoothly. Azure DevOps also comprises of many extensions found on Visual Studio.
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  6. How much does the Azure DevOps certification cost?

    How Much Does The Azure DevOps Certification Cost?

    Categories: Cloud Computing , DevOps , Azure
    DevOps has taken the world of technology and cloud computing by the storm, the efficiency that current development and deployment services enjoy are fundamental. DevOps is a concept rather than being a tool as it provides the professionals with whatever tools they require for the sake of eradicating silos, streamlining the process of code development, and integrating that code to the current assembly of the concerned software or tool. The bottom line is that various cloud computing vendors out there such as the Azure and AWS have already started to integrate with DevOps and make it a priority when developing and deploying their dedicated solutions.
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  7. Highest Paying Azure Certifications in South Africa

    Highest Paying Azure Certifications in South Africa

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Azure
    Microsoft has been an important part of our lives and it has benefitted the entire IT industry since its production. The technological advancements provided by Microsoft are one of the most prestigious advancements and one such advancement is that of Microsoft Azure. It is the technology that is in a high demand to work on Cloud Computing and every organization is hunting those students who yearn the skills and abilities to learn Microsoft Azure. The market of Cloud Computing expands every year which means that this growing platform will ask for more Azure Professionals from time to time.
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  8. How to prepare for the Azure DevOps certification exam without training?

    How to Prepare for the Azure DevOps Certification Exam Without Training?

    Categories: DevOps , Learning , Azure
    DevOps as stated in various places on the internet is a set of tools or software that manages the operations and the development side of things for a company or an enterprise. But at its core, DevOps is a set of methodologies and a mindset that sets an organization apart from the other that don't have such services or vision for moving forward.
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