Cloud computing is the new champ of the business horizon. May companies, whether small, medium or large, are now buying into the technology and as a result, there is an increasing need for staff with cloud computing skills making this career path one of the hottest in modern day.

 A detailed analysis published by Forbes agrees that the annual expenses on cloud technology by businesses increased at about 19.4% CAGR (Compound annual growth rate). This means in 2015 alone businesses spent around $70billion on cloud computing services and in 2019 they were predicted to spend $141 billion!

If this data is anything to go by, you can expect increase in expenses in 2020 and onwards, creating a juicy cloud computing job market. 

Furthermore, while there is an ‘across board’ increase in the need for skilled cloud engineers, the job specifications vary and some portions are higher in the demand scale than the others. It goes without saying that a person that is serious about posing a healthy competition in the job market must possess certain cloud computing skills. 

In 2020 And Onwards, These Are Some Of The Cloud Computing Skills You Must Have To Edge You Closer To Landing Your Dream Job.

Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In 2017, the world’s machine learning market stood at a whopping $1.41billion. However, its CAGR is predicted to be a terrifying $8.81 billion by 2022!

This 44% growth can be traced to the springing of newer systems that can efficiently collect, arrange and analyze data using the much easier cloud media.

As time has gone by, there have been improvements in the cloud tech space, enduring that various organizations can make sense of AI and Machine Learning. Even software giants, Microsoft, have initiated some courses and training to create a bridge between cloud technology and AI or machine learning.

Cloud Migration and Deployment in Several Cloud-Active Environments

Believe it or not, cloud could be the safest and most reliable place to store and compute data – this is something many foresighted companies have seen and are looking for experts who can be of help.

If you have the migration and deployable skill in cloud, alas! You’re one of the hottest commodities in the business world.

The process of deployment and migration in cloud isn’t a walk in the park; hence employers are being extra careful not to hire just anybody. When carried out improperly, deployment and migration can lead to vulnerability of company data and downtime.

Broad knowledge in Azure, Google cloud, and AWS should be considered a priority in this career path.

The Cloud Security

Better believe that there have been gigantic strides in the improvement of cloud security over the years. Some time ago, businesses were skeptical about the safety of their data but the improvements have bred confidence in both cloud providers and the companies.

Efficient Cloud security is a function of both the client (company) and the cloud provider, so companies have saturated the market in search for individuals with exceptional cloud security skills.

One of the hottest in-demand certifications is the CCSP (certified cloud security personnel) and the demand for this position is bound to take leaps in 2020 – but only if you have chosen this cloud computing certification path.

Serverless Architecture

Cloud developers are responsible for manipulating and managing the server-based infrastructure. All that is changing in today’s world as there are applications that support the movement of data or other serverless applications from this cloud provider to that one.

There is a wide array of courses geared at the improvement of your skills in serverless application development.

The above are the four most popular cloud skills that employers seek. However, these are not all. Some other skills are desperately needed to kick start a lucrative career in the cloud computing horizon. These include database skills, Linux certification, DevOps, and programming language.

Which Of The Certification Is Most Valid In Clod Computing Job Roles?

Before you toe the cloud computing certification path, your most important question would be “Will the certification be valid in the job market?”

The truth is nothing hurts like time-wasting. You do not want to be depressed knowing that the certification you spent years or months to acquire isn’t what you thought it to be.

If you want to have a share of the cash in the cloud tech, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect is about the most relevant certification you should or can acquire.

The Amazon Web Services Certificate shows that the holder has sufficient skills in deploying and operating several applications on the AWS platform.

To apply for an associate certification in AWS, you need to have at least a 1-year experience in use of the applications while the AWS certification (professional degree) requires at least 2 years of the same experience plus an associate degree.

Other valid certifications include;

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

With this certificate, you have expressed your knowledge in the most important areas of cloud security to your potential employer.

The training in this career path involves knowledge of the Cloud Security Alliances.


Certificate of OpenStack Administration

The OpenStack administrator is responsible for managing the computation, storage, and networking of data throughout the central data location. The certificate is also useful if you’re focusing on open-source techs or enterprise.

To be eligible for this certificate, you must possess at least half a year of experience in OpenStack roles.


Another important certification we would like torchlight is the:

Cloud Certified Professional

This vendor-neutral certification is often a one-day module that highlights a person’s abilities in a select few areas in cloud computing.

If you want to be a cloud architect or work in the midst of cloud governors and security, this certification can likely get you there.

Some other important cloud computing certification paths include cloud genius, cloud credential council, cloud, CompTIA cloud essentials, exin cloud computing, GCPCA (Google certified professional cloud architect) and more.


The cloud computing job market is one emerging market that is showing no signs of slowing down. As different businesses keep adopting cloud computing tech, there is a constant need for experts/professionals in this field and many tech-savvy individuals are looking to indulge in a cloud-related career.

With a valid certificate, you stand a huge chance of acquiring your dream job and sharing in the ocean of cash this industry is capable of splurging.