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  1. Linux Command Cheat Sheet

    Linux Command Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Linux , Cheat Sheet
    Linux is a group of open-sourced operating systems. About 90% of public clouds operate using Linux and about 70% of all smart phones are based on Linux. This makes Linux essential to learn if you plan or currently work in cloud infrastructure, supercomputers, smart phone development or another area that relies on Linux. The following Linux command cheat sheet may prove useful when refreshing your memory on certain commands.
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  2. Docker Cheat Sheet

    Docker Cheat Sheet - 2021 Edition

    Categories: Docker , Cheat Sheet
    Docker delivers software in containers, which simplifies the process by packaging everything it takes to run an application. With Docker growing in popularity, it becomes necessary to understand it before using in on your own or for a business. After all, PayPal, Netflix, AT&T, Oracle, Microsoft and other major business use Docker as their preferred tool. That’s why we created this Docker cheat sheet for you. It will be of use before a job interview or simply to refresh your memory on certain commands. You might come upon to help assist you in learning by yourself, which would be even more detailed. to learn more about our Docker courses here at
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  3. Azure Kubernetes Service Cheat Sheet

    Azure Kubernetes Service Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Kubernetes , Cheat Sheet
    Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) makes it easy to deploy a Kubernetes cluster. It also makes it easier to use since most of the work is done through Azure, such as maintenance and health monitoring. Azure Kubernetes Service is also free; you just pay for the agent nodes with the clusters. An here at goes into more detail about Kubernetes. The following cheat sheet can help you prepare for an exam or interview involving Azure Kubernetes Service.
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  4. Azure DevOps Cheat Sheet

    Azure DevOps Cheat Sheet

    Categories: DevOps , Azure , Cheat Sheet
    Microsoft Azure DevOps is the combination of operations and development to help teams work together efficiently in order to create value to the customer. Some of the practices involved in this application lifecycle include continuous delivery, continuous integration, agile planning and monitoring of applications. By lifecycle, we mean the creation of applications, tracing it from beginning to end. It’s a difficult endeavor, but DevOps achieves it through its extensive and proven strategies to help your team move along smoothly. Azure DevOps also comprises of many extensions found on Visual Studio.
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  5. GCP Cheat Sheet

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Google Cloud , Cheat Sheet
    One of the most famous and leading players in the cloud computing and service market is Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google’s expertise in running data centers cannot be denied. Given the fact that it runs the world’s top and the most advanced search engine. After Amazon Web Services (AWS) was launched in 2006, Google started to implement its data center expertise for the launch of its very own cloud service.
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  6. Azure Cheat Sheet

    Microsoft Azure Cheat Sheet 2020

    Categories: Azure , Cheat Sheet
    As the world is gradually pacing towards cloud technology, companies are shifting towards the latest and advanced technologies to improve their business operations. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft have designed cloud platforms to provide their services to businesses.
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  7. AWS CHEAT SHEET: with Exam Guide

    AWS CHEAT SHEET: with Exam Guide

    Categories: AWS , Cheat Sheet
    AWS is the leading cloud technology vendor, with a market share difference in double figures from the second best, that is, Microsoft. As we speak, AWS holds above 30% of market share, as late as February 2020. In this detailed guide, you will get the AWS reference guide, a cheat sheet that you can refer to when wanting to know about or refresh your knowledge about the cloud and its types as well as all the various AWS services in networking, computing, storage, analytics and much more.
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  8. Google Cloud Platform: A Cheat Sheet

    Google Cloud Platform: A Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Google Cloud , Cheat Sheet

    The Platform of Google Cloud is a cloud computing services portfolio that developed around the underlying framework of Google App Engine for facilitating web applications from data

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