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  1. AWS CHEAT SHEET: with Exam Guide

    AWS CHEAT SHEET: with Exam Guide

    Categories: AWS, Cheat Sheet
    AWS is the leading cloud technology vendor, with a market share difference in double figures from the second best, that is, Microsoft. As we speak, AWS holds above 30% of market share, as late as February 2020. In this detailed guide, you will get the AWS reference guide, a cheat sheet that you can refer to when wanting to know about or refresh your knowledge about the cloud and its types as well as all the various AWS services in networking, computing, storage, analytics and much more.
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  2. Google Cloud Platform: A Cheat Sheet

    Google Cloud Platform: A Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Cloud Computing, Google Cloud, Cheat Sheet

    The Platform of Google Cloud is a cloud computing services portfolio that developed around the underlying framework of Google App Engine for facilitating web applications from data

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