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Monthly Archives: June 2020

  1. How to Manage Cloud Security Risks

    How to Manage Cloud Security Risks

    Categories: Cloud Computing, Risk Management
    With increasing digitalization and more reliance on computers, the world is entering the corporate hub with the most robust tricks and techniques to apply to the systems. But these advancements also benefit hackers who are learning new techniques and use enhanced machine learning to breach into the privacy of your system. Therefore, the most hazardous threat to an organization is the obstruction of data within the networks and servers.
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  2. A Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts in 2020

    A Roundup of Cloud Computing Forecasts in 2020

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing has become a force to reckon with, and it is just the beginning. Many businesses and organizations around the world have already taken on the mantle of cloud computing and other aspects of cybersecurity. They have moved their operations to cloud-based environments in order to be sleek, unbelievably fast and robust with the development and delivery of their products and services. If we take a clear and long look at last year's cloud computing forecast, then we can easily hint the direction the concept of cloud computing is going to go in 2020.
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  3. Store and Manage Sensitive Data With Secret Manager

    Store and Manage Sensitive Data With Secret Manager

    Categories: Data Science, Cloud Computing
    In the world of cloud computing, automation is always the main theme. It is the key to unravel the secrets that can help you achieve agility that many businesses yearn for. In this complicated and cloud-based world, many applications require access to valid credentials so these can connect with online databases for the execution of a particular task. OR application programming interface (API) might need to delegate a service or request a certificate for authentication, which limits the definition of automation in the first place.
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  4. Hybrid Cloud Advantages and Disadvantages

    Hybrid Cloud Advantages and Disadvantages

    Categories: Business Productivity, Cloud Computing
    As advancements are being made in different organizations in Information Technology, new and innovative features are also being introduced. Cloud computing is one of the highly used services for storing, analyzing and processing data, and it offers three types: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Cloud computing, however, is making exceptional turns in the IT industry, which brings out the most fruitful outcomes.
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  5. Essentials of AWS Cloud

    Essentials of AWS Cloud

    Categories: Cloud Computing, AWS
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the cloud computing technology that Amazon introduced along with a variety of solutions. This cloud computing platform is extremely diverse at what it does while pushing the boundaries of cloud hosting and web allocation services. While competitors such as Azure cloud computing and Google cloud platform are also pushing hard to conveniently innovate the concepts of cloud computing, it seems that AWS is already in the lead.
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  6. Machine learning on AWS; Know It All

    Machine learning on AWS; Know It All

    Categories: Cloud Computing, AWS
    Machine learning is nothing but the inclusion of various computer-based algorithms within the tools, software, and other digital systems that can help improve the performance of these systems eventually with efficient experience retrieved from constant use and analysis. Machine learning can be taken as a computing revolution that can automatically learn and improve the experience of various apps, software systems, and tools without being programmed to take care of this scenario in the first place.  
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  7. AI, Cloud, Internet of Things, Combined

    AI, Cloud, Internet of Things, Combined

    Categories: Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence
    Today, we stand on that platform where everything is becoming digitalized at a very fast pace. With the increasing reliance on computers, there has been an increase in securing sensitive data and all the private information of the users. Many technologies and analytics have been utilized to get on with the advancing revolution in the tech world. The analytics used for the sole purpose of impregnating the data are:
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  8. Essentials of Azure Cloud

    Essentials of Azure Cloud

    Categories: Cloud Computing, Azure
    The Azure cloud computing platform has only started its journey and is a firm competitor with cloud computing giants like AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Azure runs on an infrastructure that is redefined and amped up to battle security-related glitches and breaches by hackers and cybercriminals. It’s also used also for redefining the overall prospect of a safe and efficient cloud computing solution.
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