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Monthly Archives: January 2020

  1. Step by Step guide to become a DevOps engineer

    Many organizations have moved away from the conventional methods of software development and deployment and thus are attending to a more secure and agile deployment system known as DevOps. As of 2019 almost 80% of world’s IT conglomerates has shifted the way they used to deploy software systems to DevOps technology and methodology. The future is now more agile, fast paced and secure than it ever could be in the past.

    There are thus emerging a lot of requests and or otherwise interests on the professional’s end who are interested in the career of a DevOps engineer. But before indulging into the mystery why not first find out what are the responsibilities of a DevOps engineer and or better yet what DevOps is?

    What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a methodology than it is a technical aspect of doing things as it brings about the best of the development and operations team and brings down any walls or otherwise restrictions between the two. With the help of

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  2. Why DevOps is the best career choice for you?

    DevOps, as illustrated over the internet, is a methodology rather than being a technological integration, DevOps is all about the collaboration of the systems, people working within different sections and standards that helps in better prospects related to scalability in the future. Many people who have a direct or indirect link with the IT sector tries to adapt to DevOps systems and there are a plenty of reasons for that.

    At first it is without any doubt a high paying job, rewards are higher and efforts are manageable, also it does require great initiative to become a part of an active professionals that abide by the rules and regulations of the DevOps systems. But as it folds out, DevOps is not for everyone, many would think that it is a great career to begin with and later on interchangeable with some other highly paying career but this isn’t how the world of DevOps work. DevOps within itself is a full community and for better or for worse when you join it, you become an a

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  3. 8 Best Practices For Managing DevOps Projects

    DevOps is more of an integrated methodology than it is a technical system; it involves the harmonizing of the development and the operational sector of business together to bring about the most efficient of results. But it does require some of the top-notch practices to make sure that it runs smoothly and without any practical flaws. You must not advance with the subject of the DevOps systems without first linking or thinking about the practices that should have been implemented first. So, here are a few things that need to be aligned straight first such as;

    1. Start out with small projects

    You should not burden your team with large or overwhelming projects from the get-go, this isn't the perfect way of doing things. What should be done is to gather the insight regarding the magnitude of work and then to break it down into smaller parts and assigning these to your team members. You should

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  4.  What not to do as a DevOps engineer?

    DevOps is a serious discipline that embarks the professionals on a series of undeterred quests; being a DevOps engineer you have a lot on your plate but it doesn't mean that you start refraining from the principles of DevOps by any means. Multiple professionals after acquiring the disciplines and fundamentals of the DevOps begin to astray from the path and this is where their days as a DevOps professional get numbered.

    So, this is not a funny thing to laugh about but give dedicated attention to it as it might be the most questionable thing a DevOps engineer might ponder or think over. Without further ado, let’s get into things that you should refrain from being a DevOps engineer;

    All I need is a bunch of tools to be a DevOps engineer

    After learning a bunch of tools, some coding knowledge and or scripting systems you can’t present yourself as a DevOps engineer. Learning a bunch of stuff doesn’t make you or qualify you as a DevOps engineer, some

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  5. Fours Vs of Big data

    What is the relationship between big data and cloud computing?

    Big data and Cloud computing are two of the most popular terms in the consistently enduring IT sector these days. You may imagine that both of them do something very similar but, they have their specific manners to work to perform. Big data and Cloud computing, what they are? And what is the relationship between big data and cloud computing?

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  6. aws

    How to become an AWS Expert?

    If you are simply beginning to utilize AWS now, you may believe it will be difficult to get up to speed. How may you become an expert in AWS? How can you understand all things about AWS? I tried to get answer myself sometime back. Let me show you my answers on how keeping up-to-date and become an AWS expert as well as familiarizing myself with new things. Here are three instances of the most surprising and exciting things I found out about AWS:

    1. Network Load Balancers
    2. Amazon Linux 2
    3. Amazon Cloud Directory

    Network Load Balancers

    At the point when I began utilizing AWS, there was an option to stack balance raw TCP traffic and HTTP — that is currently known as a Classic Load Balancer. From that point forward, the load balancers portfolio has extended. You can now likewise pick the Application L

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  7. Google Cloud Platform

    Google cloud certification roadmap

     My jounrey for attaining a GCP certification starts 3 months back. I was idilly browsing my LinkedIn and I came across a Google Cloud post related to the Certification Challenge. This was the first time when I read about, and I was already thinking about getting a specialization in the cloud and was pondering which of the three principal contenders should I.

    Why did I pick Google Cloud?

    To begin with, around then the choice wasn't in fact sound since I didn't have profound involvement with AWS, Azure, or GCP simply essential activities in Azure and a few stages in Big Data items from GCP. My initial introductions about GCP and their organizational product were it feels simple, clean and easy to understand (UX) and essential to complement a perfect support UI.

    During that time I reviewed to my mind all the Google items that I utilize day by day (google

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  8. How to create and implement a DevOps roadmap

    DevOps is clearly without any doubt is not an entirely new concept that can become extremely difficult for the professionals to grab the essence of. However, its successful implementation does require patience and on top of everything a roadmap that is being crafted by the professionals of a company keeping before them the very vision or the goals that the company has listed.

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