4 Ways to Keep Your Tech Talent Happy

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It’s no secret employee retention is correlated with employee satisfaction. More than ever, organizations are putting greater emphasis on retention efforts to curb staggering turnover rates through this era of the Great Resignation. In 2021, nearly 4 million people quit their jobs every month, which is the highest average on record.

The cost of employee turnover is high and even more prevalent in the tech industry, according to SHRM. A 2019 study indicated that tech is one of the top five industries experiencing turnover, and replacement costs can go as far as doubling the amount of an employee’s salary.

So, what can you do to keep employees? Here are four employee retention ideas to help you retain IT talent.

4 IT Employee Retention Techniques

Desirable benefits and compensation are table stakes to stay competitive and retain employees. Beyond pay, a comprehensive employee engagement strategy can help your IT pros feel valued and stay motivated.

The following techniques can improve employee satisfaction and reduce the risk of burnout and turnover.

Create Employee Engagement Opportunities

When you proactively foster positive working relationships among co-workers, you’ll see increased productivity and retention.

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A Gallup study found people are twice as likely to stay engaged at work if they have a friend in the office (or, these days, on Zoom). As an IT manager, you can create opportunities for idea sharing, collaboration, and communication. Today, it’s easy to host virtual networking opportunities or use an employee portal to spotlight your team and develop business resource groups where employees can gather with colleagues who share their interests.

Striving to develop a safe and positive culture where your tech team is comfortable bringing their whole selves to work is important for fostering collaboration and inclusivity and inspiring innovation and growth. Recognize that the tech industry is naturally laced with curious minds, so give your team space to be collaborative and creative.

Consider how Google allows employees to use 20% of their time on projects they think can benefit Google.

Recognize Your Tech Team’s Accomplishments

People love being recognized for their efforts and achievements. When we receive recognition, especially from a supervisor or leader, it validates that our work matters and is appreciated.

Survey Monkey found 82 percent of employees are happier when they are recognized at work. The survey also indicated consistent recognition made employees less likely to seek new job opportunities. Effective recognition practices include bonuses or appropriate gifts, awards, visibility among colleagues or leaders, and verbal acknowledgment. It may even be worth developing an ongoing recognition program.

Technology companies can lead the way in leveraging how technology can be used to enhance recognition. For example, consider how AI tools can help track internal interactions, as described by Forbes.

Don’t forget that it’s a good practice to recognize personal achievements too. We’re all humans with lives outside of work after all. Whether it’s finishing a triathlon, welcoming a new baby to the family, or becoming a master gardener, pay attention to what’s important to your IT team members outside of work and recognize their personal accomplishment as well.

Provide Workplace Flexibility

The pandemic heightened expectations for flexibility. When work-from-home mandates hit, employees learned to work outside of the office while still meeting deadlines and contributing to collaborative work projects.

As restrictions lift, IT teams continue to desire flexible scheduling and work locations. Some people see this flexibility as a way to achieve greater work-life balance. That’s why 80% of tech companies plan to continue offering a hybrid work/telework environment as part of their long-term plans.

If your IT team spends most or all of their time in the office, giving employees a stipend to customize a more personalized workstation may be beneficial. Optimized lighting, seating, or additional monitors can go a long way in helping tech employees feel more comfortable and productive, and thus stay engaged.

Invest in Career Development and Personal Growth

IT professionals who have opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge and advance with your organization are more likely to stay long-term.

Tech employees in particular are methodical, so promotions and bonuses tied to specific goals or a clear and documented path to a promotion can be a great motivator and drive retention. EDUCAUSE suggests companies communicate expectations in a “how to be promoted” document. The document should list technical, business, communication, and other specific skills for a tech worker to advance their position in the organization.

As you help your tech team pursue more demanding roles, be supportive of the learning process. When investments are made to help your team enhance their skills and knowledge, you can combat high turnover.

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